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Trusted, experienced & commercial

The We Are Web team is comprised of digital experts & marketers who have worked in some of the leading digital agencies around the UK and didn’t like what they saw so set about creating a new company who got it right.

We knew we wanted the most talented and passionate people with the same goal of doing the right thing by our clients, so that’s exactly how our company is today.

Our team have worked with some great brands in the past. A few examples are on the left, along with some of our current clients.

We are proud to work alongside companies big and small knowing that if we help you hit your growth goals then we will too.

We don’t try to sell to you, We listen, learn and feedback what we would do if we were in your shoes.

Why We Are Web?

With a host of different agencies to choose from, why use us?

Commercially focused agency

Our entire efforts are aimed at understanding your business, your position and essentially creating more leads and sales. We don’t sell, we help your business adapt and perform online, but also track how we are making a difference.

An experienced team

Our team is comprised of actual experts in each field from PPC to web and branding. Working with blue chip companies to the local businesses, our advantage is our adaptability to your business based on our well rounded experience.

Blend of creative & data

The team blend well together to ensure creativity meets results. We feedback to our designers what converts through real data, likewise we inspire through creating great content and stand out brands and websites.

Brand, Web, Marketing, Social

We have purposely built our team in a diverse direction so we can service our clients as a full circle agency. That means we can deliver on a vision and a strategy through the 4 main areas brand, web, marketing & social. Acting as an in house team whilst doing so.

We are human

By ensuring we take on the projects and not to many at once we deliver a level of quality, without tying people into contracts & being transparent about our work. We are human, we treat our clients like friends and partners not just customers.

People buy from people

We are not aggressive sales people, we understand that people buy into through trust and showing a level of care to a project that goes outside of what we are contracted to do. By not being flexible we help our clients earn and in return we gain a level of trust.

Are we a good fit?

Its important to the team that each of our clients take us on board because we are the right agency for you. Our approach is to first understand if we can help and whether we can work well together.

We are not a ‘stack em high, sell em cheap’ business, we only work with a handful of companies for a reason – we want to do the right thing by the ones we work with.

“We grow as you do.”

Going further than just digital

With our clients we work hard to understand the objectives and how they can be achieved.

The team often finds that we go a step further than digital, getting under the skin of a company we can help make more long term strategic decisions.

At times we have found ourselves listening to how sales calls are handled and feeding back our opinion, its not just about creating the lead its about converting it. We have even worked with companies to help employ the right staff, going one step further only helps our relationship and understanding.

Measurable progress & success

To ensure our clients understand the value of what we do we educate and train them so our reporting can be easily read and understood.

Our tracking methods go much further than Google analytics, we use conversion tracking tools which can actually track phone calls so we know for sure that our campaign is converting leads.

We use tracking to understand how visitors move around your website, this helps us learn which pages they love and what they prefer. This type of in-depth tracking allows us to continually adapt and flow with what works best for your you and your audience.

Our success needs to be measured in terms of actual Return On Investment (ROI), so we ensure before we start any marketing campaign that we record and analyse these important metrics so we can see the effects of our strategies.



Scott Evans

Managing Director

Graham McCormack

Head of Search

Rakesh Kumar Morar

Digital Manager

Emma Roberts

Communications Director

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