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The Right People, Right Place, Right Time

Imagine having a list of people who agree to you telling them about your latest business news, industry events or services you have to offer.

They are interested in what you have to say to them, they may have been a previous customer; in the very least they are a potential one.

Not only are they more likely to convert or buy from you again but they are also likely to tell others about you too.

This is the power of email marketing and you need it in your digital marketing mix.


Targeting the right people that will be of benefit to your business is the key to effective marketing and with email marketing the guess work can be removed.

One of the greatest strengths of this channel is its ability to help you target a specific audience with the information that you want to promote.

Just like with social media marketing, people want to belong to a community and by sending an email addressed to them personally about a product, service or event they have already expressed an interest in is a great way to build the community surrounding your brand.

Email Marketing is Beneficial Because:

  • It is low cost and provides a better Return On Investment (ROI) than other forms of marketing.
  • Is track-able and gives you an insight into your audience
  • Goes everywhere your potential customers go
  • It is flexible and can be started, stopped, tweaked and tested as much as you like

Use Email marketing to strengthen the ties between your business and your audience and communicate with them using a medium that they understand. Not everbody uses Facebook and Tweeter but the vast majority of people still communicate using an email.

The Benefits

MailChimp, the email software of choice…



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