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The Value of PPC

PPC (Pay per click) is most commonly associated with Google Adwords.

Adwords allows your website to be visible for specified search terms on Google, you position on Google depends on 20+ factors, hence why PPC management is so important.

PPC stretches much deeper with display, video and demographic targeting on Google, Bing and other web properties.

Its value is shown on the graph to the left, it has the ability to scale up and down at your request, its guaranteed traffic and interest instantly unlike methods such as SEO and Social, it also provides great testing on which products or services for your business work best online.

Targeting the right people

Our experience with PPC stretches over 10 years, our first client was in fact from PPC. We love PPC as it has the ability to target the right people instantly.

Everyday 70% of search queries on Google are completely unique, with PPC we have the ability to cover a broad spectrum of search terms, ensuring your business is one of the first to be considered by your customers.

Our management digs deep into not only what your target customers search for, but also whether when they get to your website, will they convert!

PPC Case Study

Converting claims into cases with smart pay per click


Increase in Leads

Increase in leads & cases generated from PPC advertising.


Lead Rate Increase

Increase in website conversion rate, through more specificed targeting.


PPC Spend

Growth in PPC each month spend. Because its working!


Remarketing Leads

Percentage of leads generated from PPC remarketing banners.

Growth and scalability

Pay per click does what it says on the tin, by correct management you can control your spend. If set up right PPC can be a tap that you can simply twist when you need more leads and sales.

Likewise PPC is a great technique to allow your business to scale, investing in, returning profits and then scaling upwards as your businesses scales and grows.

Using advanced tracking we can also monitor where your leads and sales are coming from, we can track ecommerce sales, contact us enquiries and even phone calls.



Scott Evans

Managing Director

Graham McCormack

Head of Search

Rakesh Kumar Morar

Digital Manager

Emma Roberts

Communications Director

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