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When you’re looking at paid advertising options, a smart PPC campaign can be one of the most cost effective methods of advertising your business can employ. Offering prime placement on both search engines and websites, you’ll only ever have to pay out when a user clicks on your ad and heads over to your page.

Even better, you have full control over how much you’re willing to pay for each click, as well as the total budget allocated for each day, week or month. The cost-per-click is determined by the keyword terms you choose, which we can help you with.

You’re no doubt familiar with the fact that Google has basically become the accepted term for what it means to search for something on the internet, with around 1.2 billion regular users making over 3.5 billion searches a day, equal to over 40,000 per second. In the UK, over 90% of all online search queries are made through Google.

There are many PPC platforms available, but the most popular is Google AdWords. Adwords contains: Search, Display, Remarketing, Shopping & YouTube.

Search Advertising: This type of advertising involves the placement of sponsored results that will appear at the top of the Google listings for the chosen keyword.

Display Advertising: This can be done through text, still image or moving image advertisements placed on 3rd party sites such as industry blogs.

Remarketing: This process is done by targeting your advertising at users who have already visited your site, turning casual visitors into clients.

Google Shopping: Individuals can use Google Shopping to search for particular items and see different online sellers displayed. Getting placement here for some of your key items could lead to increased sales.

You can also consider utilising a similar cost-per-click advertising model with Bing search terms. Bing searches are currently much smaller than Google’s volume, but it is enjoying around a 25% year-on-year increase, so there are still other options out there, with Bing a potentially undervalued platform for generating quality leads with less competition and cheaper rates.

Is Paid Advertising right for my business?

Paying for placement in the hope of increasing traffic and leads is a big step to consider for many, but one big advantage of Google and Bing is that you can research and plan your exact campaign and budget to be the most effective for you. We’ll use various tools to help you consider the following key questions:

  1. Is there a market for us on Google and/or Bing?
  2. How much budget will we need to spend?
  3. How much traffic would I expect for that?
  4. How many leads / sales could I expect?

We’ll project these questions using real data, so we can find the right marketing channel/s and right time for you. Here’s an example: Company X sells Luxury Coats.

The current cost-per-click to bring traffic to their website is £3 per click. So for £1,000 spend, they can bring 333 people to their website, hopefully all of them with an interest in buying a luxury coats. Company X’s coats sell at £300, with their profit margin at 40% so £120 profit on each sale. So, if 333 people visited the website through Google or Bing Ads and 20 converted, even after the advertising spend, they’d  have £1,400 profit! So for Company X, Google or Bing Ads can be profitable.

Is it right for you?

The honest answer to this is to ask us to research your specific market so that we can offer some projections into whether Google and Bing Ads could be profitable.

PPC can generally be used for the short-term or long-term, depending on your budget and business needs. Ultimately, using SEO to generate organic traffic is cheaper in the long-term, but with the current reach of Google and Bing, they offer a great chance to grow your business quickly, while you use SEO to grow more naturally. Over time, the hope is you reduce your PPC budget as your SEO kicks in. Get in touch with us today if you’d like to speak in more detail about how we could help you to plan and execute a highly optimised paid advertising campaign using Google AdWords and/or Bing, one that gets the most from your available budget.

PPC Overview

The SEO team at We Are Web use the below appropriately named SEO wheel as a way of auditing our clients’ SEO potential. The wheel is used to audit and optimise websites to achieve their SEO goals.

The SEO wheel gives you an overview of the factors on and off your website which will affect your SEO campaign. We consider each element.

SEO Wheel
  • Planning & Competitor Research

    Market and competitor research
    Keyword research
    Competitor audit

  • Optimisation

    Optimising ad groups & campaigns for higher conversions
    Bid management
    New keywords
    Negative keywords

  • Keyword Strategy

    Decide upon which keywords to use and which pages to target
    Keyword strategy
    Target creation

  • Ad Copyrighting

    The creation of ads both text and visual
    Ad creation
    A/B split test ads

  • Remarketing

    Display ad creation
    Targeting set up
    Social retargeting

  • Tracking & Reporting

    Google analytics goals
    Reporting dashboard

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Reporting and Tracking

Reporting & Tracking

We are a completely transparent PPC agency, we use a system called Basecamp which reports our actions, key achievements and ultimately gives you visibility of what we are doing.

This ties into our upfront quarterly strategy, we produce this so you can see where we are going next and what our targets are. We also use a system called Supermetrics to report the exact information you need. Supermetrics takes data from Google Analytics and other platforms and combines the information so you have a clear view of how your advertising channels are performing.

We use Supermetrics to report to you exactly what’s relevant & needed to make clear business decisions

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