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Over the past few years, the explosion of various social media platforms into the planet’s largest and most diverse communication hubs has been both exciting, but in a marketing sense, a little confusing for some.

With social platforms, actual engagement numbers can be a little more vague, so it’s not just about choosing the right platform, but also designing adverts and wider campaigns ideal for your setting. That’s where we can help you be most effective.

Types of Social Platform

While there may be plenty of overlap, each of the main social platforms has slightly differing target audiences, dominant content and best methods for advertising. Some of them allow for more specific marketing than others, some are more aimed at building brand awareness, others at generating sales and others at business-to-business (B2B) connections. We won’t go into detail on each social platform here, as we have dedicated pages for them elsewhere on our site, but as you’ll see there, we have in-depth expertise on many of the key social platforms.

Types of Social Advertising

Text Ad
This is a text based ad, with paid placement or promotion on a social media feed. It may be a standalone tweet, a link to a blog or an offer listing. Text ads are still highly utilised across many social platforms, with the focus on being clear, engaging and saying something that will connect with your target audience.
Image Ad
A lot of social platforms have their main advertising built around image ads. Whether it’s showcasing a product, offering a thought-provoking question or providing a humorous moment for your audience, there are many ways to construct an image ad that has potential to generate leads and turn viewers into customers.
Video Ad
It’s become increasingly accessible for even small companies to produce high quality video advertising that can really command attention and communicate something powerful about your brand. Whether you’re trying to get your name out there as the most reliable in your field, advertise a new product, recruit for staff or just garner a little more brand awareness, you can use a host of different video techniques, from animations to infographics to stop motion and many more.

Our Social Advertising Process

Getting to Know You
We’ll put the time in to understand what your business does, your key products/services and what the main goals of your social advertising would be ie. clicks through to your website, social engagement, brand awareness etc.
Getting to Know Your Market
We’ll examine similar businesses in your field and audit the social media accounts of those who are doing well to see what they're doing to operate successfully in communicating with your industry audience.
Target the Right Demographics
Using information we’ve gathered by researching your audience, we’ll setup targeting for your upcoming social adverts. Depending on the social platform, that may be based on job role, spending, location etc.
Content Management
Based on all of the research on you, your industry and your audience, we’ll build a content strategy full of ideas for different types and topics of content which our content team will write and our design team will visualise.
Schedule Posting
We’ll use our insight gained on each social platform, alongside research on the specifics of your industry to decide the optimum time for your posts.
Analysis and Review
Once the ads are live, we’ll review how the content is performing in the 24-48 hours after posting to see if it’s having the desired effect.
Ongoing Optimisation
Based on our analysis and review we can then make any necessary changes should there be any refinements needed for the campaign.
Detailed Reporting
Once the ad campaign has ended, we’ll look to offer insight on future direction by providing a detailed report with key advertising measurements.

Our Range of Services

Whether you’re looking for us to create unique social content, manage your social media feeds, or put together a strategic advertising campaign across one or several social platforms, we offer a range of social media services to get the most from your available budget. Get in touch with us today if you’d like to speak in more detail about how we could help you to plan and execute a highly optimised social advertising plan to reach your target audience and build your brand.

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