Why we will do better than your last agency...

We Are Web is a small but experienced team lead by two experienced digital marketing experts, Hayden Kibble and Jamie Carter.
We take pride in every project, as our reputation is based on results. If your clients aren't succeeding online, then we won't exceed online. Therefore it's important to us that we deliver on all of our promises and help our clients hit the KPI's that are important to them and their business.

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Our small, dedicated team brings together skills in Marketing and Web design and development. We aren't made up of frelancers and we don't farm work out to foreign contractors. We work together collaboratively in a quirky open plan office.

What We Are Good At

If we were asked what are we good at it would be solving Digital Problems, if this is you then we are a good fit as an agency.

  • Digital ROI in decline, need a next level campaign to improve results.
  • Specific SEO, PPC and conversion rate improvement campaigns.
  • Need to launch a new brand or innovative business and gain attention.
  • Looking to bring a business that has not previously been aggressive online, you are aware you could do better but need some expert advice how to get there.
  • Promoting a new area of the business, a product or a service, maybe you just want to reach a different audience.
  • You look at competitors and think ‘how did they do that’ we can find this out.
  • How to bring a complex almost software like website to life and to market.
  • Generally know what you need just had poor digital agencies providing a poor standard of work, need to match to a good agency.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing & Media is where the company originally started life. We have a broad range of skills within Digital Marketing, and blend Creativity, Technical and Strategy. We worked out than on average once a client has been with us for a year we increased their Digital ROI by 142%, this is through a blend of smart Marketing and a strong brand, website to back it up.

Our core specialisms within our Marketing team are as follows:

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • PPC
  • Programmatic Display
  • Media Buying
  • Display Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Influencing
  • Social Creative Campaigns

Web & UX

Our Web team now makes up for around 50% of the business. We have found some tremendous success in Web & UX due to being at our core a marketing agency. We look at a website, your audience and whittle down how to make them convert. We look at elements such as Brand, Service offering and then offcourse your website. If you have a well-developed service or product then it’s down to how do we show that on the website, how do tell that story. We create beautiful and standout websites, but our Head of UX and the marketing team have input into if you went to market what would work, this is the difference, we design/develop to generate more conversions, we don’t just make pretty websites.

Our core specialisms within our Web/UX team are as follows:

  • Website Strategy
  • Persona Analysis
  • Website/UX Design
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Website Development
  • Software Development
  • Video & Media Creation
  • Content Editing
  • Ecommerce & Lead Generation Builds

Digital Growth Partner

Big Enough to Trust, Small Enough to care

A partner in its nature is someone who works with you, not objectively to improve their needs but to partner with you to share your objective. With We Are Web you don’t just get an agency you get a digital partner, we are educated, experienced and ambitious. We will almost act as a Digital Director advising top level how to shape your business online, whilst utilising our 15 man team to turn strategy into practice.

Why Big Agencies Hate Us

We feel very strongly that for certain businesses if you’re not a big brand name you will just become a small fish in a big pond. With We Are Web you don’t get past down to juniors, we don’t have huge management teams, you speak and work directly with the experts and ultimately unlike Bigger agencies we are fluid and fast.

We Also Have Fun

We all love what we do, and we like to work with people who love to create great work but have fun doing it.

We Are Web - Directors

Why Consider Us?

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No Nonsense

We have a no nonsense approach for results, we don’t tie you into long term contracts, our results serves as our long term partnership.


Big Enough to Trust, Small Enough to Care

Big agencies hate us because we care, we are experienced enough to generate results, whilst being small enough to care.


Honesty & Transparency

We think like a client and our honesty is our the favourite thing our clients like about our personality, we act as a Partner not just a supplier.

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Access to Experience & Expertise

You will have direct access to communicate with the experts who have the experience and who actually do your digital marketing.



Digital Marketing is ever changing and so are all the channels within it, we operate flexible ways to work, so our resource and time is focused on what gets you the best results.


Decision Making

Our business was founded by 4 Owner Managers who live and breath digital marketing, we can make decisions fast and


Our Brand Essence

  • Our Values

    • Integrity
    • Collaboration
    • Innovation
    • Long Term
  • Our Personality

    • Passion
    • Approachable
    • Straight Talking
    • Trustworthy


Accreditations & Platforms

  • Google AdWords
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Analytics
  • Magento
  • SEMrush
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress

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