Building your ideal Content Marketing plan

Building your ideal Content Marketing plan

Nick Clapson

Marketing your content is all about reaching your desired audience with messages that are going to grab their attention and create a connection. It’s vital to work out not just what you want to say, but how you need to say it and who you want to listen.

You might offer the finest range of products or services ever designed, continually go the extra mile on customer service and have most innovative minds in your industry, but it doesn’t matter until you find the most effective ways to let people know that. One of the most effective services we offer is our ability to manage the output of online content for your company. We can offer you a diverse range of high-quality and original content across all of your online outlets.

Whether you want us to rewrite primary content on your website to be more engaging and/or keyword focused, or to add a large volume of location-based pages to your site to target regional Google searches, or create marketing pieces for your blog or social media, we’ve got it covered. In this blog, we thought we'd give you a short summary of how we work:

Our Content Marketing process

There are a few key facets of our content management service, focusing on:

  • Types of Content: We offer a full range of content types, with our in-house team experienced in everything from PR pieces to industry-focused blogs, infographics to location-based SEO pages. With an in-house photographer, we’re able to produce professional photographs and videos for web pages and social media accounts that are both inspiring and eye-catching. We’ll use our research to create an effective strategy that uses the best marketing channels to engage your target audience throughout each step of their buying process. Our aim is to create content that’s specific to your industry and target audience in order to engage potential customers in the best possible way. 
  • Volume of Content: By looking at your existing site, we’ll gain an idea of the information that visitors receive as they make their way around each page. We specialise in helping businesses to provide consumers with content that’s consistently high quality. By producing a high volume of content, we’ll help you to add to your digital presence and generate more leads. Our goal is to create content that appeals to both SEO and consumers, using the suitable marketing channels to promote your services to new clients day after day. 
  • Regularity of Content: We’ll take a look at your site and how often it’s updated. By producing fresh content on a regular basis, potential customers will be made aware that your business is thriving and active. Whether its blogs, PR pieces or social media posts, a regular influx of new content will allow you to generate an increase in site traffic and respond to the changing needs of your customers. Producing timely content will add to the character of your brand and ensure that the user experience of your site is as effective as possible. Our specialists in SEO are able to conduct detailed research into new trends within your specific industry in order to make sure that your search engine rankings continue to grow over time. 
  • Style of Content: We’re skilled in producing content that’s high in quality and consistent in style to ensure that users are given the given the best possible experience when using your site or blog. Our in-house team can improve your existing site to make it more user friendly, or create a completely new site if you’re launching a new brand. We’re able to find powerful images for your site and promote your products and services with our own high-quality photography. Our developers are renowned for creating unique content that will allow you to make impactful communications with your audience.

Types of Content Marketing

We can help you to find the right blend of quality, quantity and style of content, helping you refine your message and find strategic targets that maximise your marketing potential. We have the tools, creativity and experience to help companies put out the type of content that is going to peak a customer’s interest when it pops up in their email inbox or social media streams, rather than having them roll their eyes and scroll on by.

There are many content marketing features we can employ, including options such as:

  • Building your own dedicated blog that we design to look fantastic, structure to rank effectively, and populate with regular quality content that will actually make it a place worth visiting for engaging reads.
  • Producing quality PR pieces that will engage a wider audience and help you gain more recognition within your industry. Our marketing team features with media experience, as well as degree-level journalism training, so you can be sure that you’ll be receiving a professional standard at all times.
  • Creating unique and original ideas such as infographics and micro-sites that have the potential to help you go viral and gain a level of widespread attention that can end up being worth many times more than the budget spent on creating such content, both in terms of attention, engagement and increased sales.

Begin your Content Marketing campaign

We’re adaptable, with the ability to help you to target specific social media platforms, plan focused campaigns, or simply to find a fresh way to put across what you’re about in an online world where it seems like anything worth saying has already been said.

Get in touch with us today if you’d like to speak in more detail about how we could help you to plan and execute a content marketing campaign that allows you target the exact audience you want and build both recognition of and engagement with your brand.

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