Digital Marketing Agencies - Does Size Matter?

Digital Marketing Agencies - Does Size Matter?

Nick Clapson

With so many Digital Marketing agencies ranging in size, there are lots of things to take into consideration when looking to start a website, or present your brand online. One of the key factors to look for when researching a Digital Marketing agency, is size. 

This guide will explain why and how size matters, when choosing the company that will help you launch your online business. It will be helpful to know what suits you better, big or small.

Let's start with the most important part of the business-client relationship, service. Big and small Digital Marketing agencies offer services differently.

A big agency tends to assign particular managers to clients or delegate the work to employees on lower levels. You most likely won't meet with the owner of the agency you're hiring, which means you won't get much of a personalised service. A big agency with employees to spare, can even swap and change specialists, which eliminates the vital connection you need, to enable them to understand your requirements.

Smaller agencies on the other hand can provide a personalised service and will connect better with you to deliver your requests. The account managers are mostly partners which means you're more likely to meet the owners of the small Digital Marketing agency. They have more availability too which is always good for in-person meetings. 

The dedication small agencies have, is transferred to clients and helps to provide quality and suitable results. You can see that it would be easy to communicate with these specialists, to enable them to capture your ideas and present your brand as you wish.

Big agencies indeed have bigger teams but you may not get the attention a small Digital Marketing agency offers. All your concerns and questions can be well addressed and answered, by an expert from a small agency working closely with you.

Let's look at it from another angle. Big agencies tend to have many clients, which means the account manager they'll assign to you is probably working with dozens of other brands. This is divided attention which can cost you your investment. For anyone looking for attentiveness and responsiveness, a small Digital Marketing agency will suit you perfectly.

The Big Client List 

Larger Digital Marketing agencies don't provide the flexibility that small agencies offer. You'll find that a small agency values you, because they don't have a huge client list. 

Online business is dynamic and clients can often change their mind part way through a website build. A small agency expert, working closely with you, can offer flexibility if you make different decisions in between.

Large agencies may claim they are more experienced, but there are excellent smaller agencies with the same experience, on hand, to give your business the online success big agencies cannot.

You might also be looking at the possibility of more resources in big agencies, but that doesn't entirely mean small agencies are disadvantaged. There are small Digital Marketing agencies with enough resources, which they utilise better, to offer an unparalleled service.

Other reasons you might want to hire a small Digital Marketing agency include:

• Small agencies are likely to be more suited and agile for emergencies

• Small agencies can offer competitive prices unlike big agencies that "sell their brand name"

• Small agencies are focused more on clients

• Small agencies are likely to offer creativity since employees focus more on your requirements

It is worth noting that analysis companies like Forbes and Ad Age, have argued that small Digital Marketing agencies are better, due to the reasons given above and more.

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