Digital Marketing For Family Law

Digital Marketing For Family Law

Jamie Carter
Managing Director

Online marketing for family law is one of the most efficient methods to give your legal business the boost it needs to flourish. Many attorneys have long known this, and those who haven't are now aware due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Although the pandemic severely impacted online marketing for family law attorneys, it didn't stop them from connecting with customers. Thanks to digital platforms, law firm websites can beat Google rankings and law firm SEO to stand out in their local communities.

Here are five easy steps for law firms to improve their online presence through law firm website optimisation:

  • Improve your law firm's website
  • Optimise your social media accounts
  • Hire law firm marketing consultants
  • Advertise your law firm through ads and billboards
  • Create a law firm's blog

How We Could Benefit Your Law Firm

  • Generate Your Own Clients
  • Rank Your Website
  • More Cost-Effective

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Improve Your Law Firm's Website

Digital marketing for law firms is vital to building trust within the community, attracting more potential clients, and increasing revenue. In order for this to happen, law firms must have a strong online presence.

Family law is somewhat unique in the legal area in the UK. There are so many searches pertaining to family law online. In fact, extensive research on divorce and family law has been done online. This then shows how important it is to have an online presence for your family law firm as a digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing agencies offer services and guidance on the best ways to market your family law firm. These will offer technical services as well as strategies to ensure your performance online is bespoke.

You might need a digital marketing agency to help your law firm in the following ways:

1. Designing of website

It's critical to acquire a professional website that will appeal to family law clients. Having a website that entices worried individuals can help them relax and be able to contact you for legal assistance. Consider hiring an agency that can create a contemporary, unique website with an interesting design that conveys your family law practice.

2. Content creation

A digital marketing firm can help you utilise your content to appeal most to family law clients. These will assist you in creating sites that inform customers about the services you provide as well as specific terms in family law that they should be aware of. Having an informative website may help you attract visitors to your site. You'll always appear as a professional who knows law in and out.

One of the areas we excel in as a dedicated Law firm, digital marketing partner, is the research, consultation and construction of bespoke digital marketing campaigns, designed around specific legal services.

3. Ensuring online visibility

If you can't manage it, digital marketing specialists can assist you with your online presence. This may be accomplished by methods like SEO that help you gain top Search Engine results as well as a variety of online advertising strategies that may help you surpass your competitors in this area. Some professionals can assist your family law firm in using digital advertising techniques such as PPC, social media ads, and law firm SEO.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“WAW have an outstanding aptitude for detail. Jamie and his team understand the needs of their client’s and this makes them stand out from the other digital marketing agencies. WAW are outstanding digital professionals who punch above their weight”

Marketing Manager,


4. Evaluation

For evaluation, you may utilise performance monitoring tools. Alternatively, an expert can assist you in understanding the traffic you're receiving, prospects' inquiries, and your rankings while calculating conversion rates to determine how effective your digital marketing is.

Digital Marketing Strategies Experts Recommended for Family Law:

  • Publishing informative content online
  • Having a website with excellent user experience
  • Creating valuable content and helpful answers
  • Including a legal terms definitions section
  • Demonstrating that you offer equal, diverse inclusive family law services
  • Enhancing your SEO strategies for your legal business website
  • Utilising social media tools to target family law clients
  • Optimising your website for mobile devices
  • Using keyword phrases that reflect natural conversation for voice search compatibility
  • Understanding the powers of and utilising local marketing
  • Making use of Pay-per-click (PPC) or Pay-per-lead Advertising
  • Including testimonials and/ or review pages
  • Including clearly visible contact information

If done correctly, these suggestions might assist you in attracting the appropriate family law customers. They are designed to appeal to people seeking for family law legal services. Clients should perceive your family law firm as a trustworthy, accessible service dedicated to success, according to your online presence.

It's critical to invest in digital marketing for family law. Make the most of online technology to reach as many potential customers as possible. The majority of customers in need of family law legal services are able to access the internet. You can outsmart your competition by using practical methods. These strategies can assist you attract prospects, persuading potential clients to become paying customers, and boost your law firm's online presence. A digital marketing agency can show you how to use law firm SEO so that you may establish yourself as the ideal family law lawyer within your market.

So What Next?

In summary, there are many ways to promote your law firm and generate leads and new business through online advertising and website design. The most successful approach is to harness multiple channels and run campaigns side by side to educate and support each other in funnelling prospects through to enquiry.

We have been working with law firms for many years operating many very successful campaigns, becoming long term digital partners. If you are looking to grow your law firm and increase your presence online, big or small, we are here to offer our knowledge and expertise.

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