Finding the right Digital Marketing for your sector

Finding the right Digital Marketing for your sector

Jamie Carter
Managing Director

We understand that when it comes to finding the right web design and digital marketing, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all model.

Here at We Are Web, we tailor our range of digital services to your exact company needs, with experience and insight into many specific industries.

We are open to providing digital marketing services across any business sector, but some of the areas we have a particularly strong track record with are:


We have ongoing digital partnerships with several of the most respected legal firms in the North West of England. We are experienced in design and marketing for legal fields such as family law, corporate law, negligence and reputation management.

Crucially, we have a well-oiled process for ensuring that your website design, on-site content and paid advertising campaigns all complement each other to bring in customers in the most cost-effective way possible.


We possess an extensive range of experience across e-commerce, representing a variety of SMEs as they’ve grown their reach and increase product sales. We can offer everything from improving the user experience on your site to managing your Google Shopping feed, from writing content to building a PPC strategy.


We have worked with a number of financial businesses, helping to attract new clients for services such as business recovery and R&D tax claims. We can help each client put in place a unique online strategy that reflects their place within the sector and specifically targets the particular financial services they offer.

Renewable Energy

This is obviously an increasingly popular industry as consumers, particularly homeowners, become more conscious of the environmental - and crucially the financial - benefits offered by renewable energy options such as solar.

We are experienced in web design, SEO strategy, Google AdWords campaigns and Facebook advertising for the renewable energy sector and can help you to put together the ideal strategy for your current and future business needs.

These are just a handful of the sectors that we have specialised in to-date, but they’re by no means the full scope of the industries we have insight into.

Feel free to get in touch with us today to discuss our experience within your field and how we may be able to help build a digital strategy to aid the next step in your company’s growth.

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Jamie Carter
Managing Director
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