SEO and Google Ads, How Google Ads should educate SEO

SEO and Google Ads, How Google Ads should educate SEO

Jamie Carter
Managing Director

One of the most important ongoing debates is about which best works for a business between SEO and Google Ads (pay per clicks  or PPCs). It is widely known that SEO drives organic traffic to a site, which is better ranking than PPC. This might be misleading somehow as some website owners may think that PPCs are not that valuable. It is worth noting that some sites work greatly with PPC are especially, when connecting with a wider audience.

How Google ads work

To get insight on PPCs, let's look at one of the most recognised PPC, Google Ads. This is Google's PPC advertising solution. Many businesses utilise Google Ads to show ads next to searches on the search engine for a price, at the exact time people search for content, that you happen to offer. Google Ads helps drive-qualified traffic or depending on your business good-fit customers looking for services and products that you actually offer. You can effectively boost your website traffic with Google Ads leading to increased in-store visits as well as contact through phone calls, and emails.

One only pays if a web user clicks on a user clicks on their ad to visit the sites. This marketing tactic helps you to be noticed by a wider audience online. Note, Google Ads allows you to tweak your ads whenever you want, enabling you to reach particular demographics. You effectively can reach people by geography, interest and other factors to promote your content or product.

There's an upside to this immediacy since it can greatly help small businesses who are unable to update their SEO frequently to reflect current sales, seasonal changes, promotions, discounts and others.

With Google Ads, you also get the opportunity to promote your site business elsewhere besides Google through showing ads on relevant sites in the Google Display Network (GDN). Since the GDN is made up of thousands of sites, you can connect to more prospective customers. Google Ads here offers a convenience where you can select specific sites from the net, or pick a target audience to reach and the PPC will create a list for you.

So while Google Ads and other PPCs can't provide results similar to SEO, they offer a flexibility that aids businesses of any size to effectively capture the attention of the right people online at the crucial time - the exact moment users are searching for a solution that your business offers.

It is worth noting that Google Ads provides AdWords which has been known to revolutionise driving traffic. While it can take up to 12 months for SEO to provide strong results, an AdWords campaign can be set up and activated, and achieve the same results in a few hours.

Can you utilise Google Ads for search engine optimisation?

The range of tools that Google Ads come with can be used to help one to understand how to optimise their site. Take, for instance, the Keyword Tool. You can get ideas on the creation of a list of terms relevant to your business, which then help generate a lot of searches. These can then be integrated into your website's content.

You could also use the Negative Keywords feature to learn about keywords you don't want to rank for which can be very effective for SEO.

Google Ads also has tracking tools ideal for measuring if changes to a site as well as we campaign are effective in getting more visitors or conversions.

AdWords as mentioned earlier is very useful for SEO. You can also use it to influence organic growth through;

  • Accelerating results via re-marketing by offering more information on potential customers and re-capturing non-converting visitors
  • Providing search terms report which can help you know which keywords to use when doing SEO.
  • Aiding in geographic performance which significantly helps with local SEO.
  • Helping in pitching SEO.

Google Ads itself is quite useful for one looking to perform SEO. The tips above are effective in helping you to actually skyrocket SEO if well executed. You could consider Google Ads, an ongoing SEO strategy, an investment to take you to the top of the competition in SEO performance in a short while.

Please feel free to contact us for great ideas on how Google Ads should educate SEO. We have experience of over 5 years in the field and can offer the required help. We'll go into details on how we can help your website reach its potential with Google Ads and SEO. Our specialists will guide on ways to use Google Ads tools and AdWords to change your SEO practice on your website.

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