How to create a strong Google Shopping campaign

How to create a strong Google Shopping campaign

Jamie Carter
Managing Director

If you’re an online retailer, Google Shopping is a highly-effective way to generate sales and drive traffic to your e-commerce store. You may, however, be wondering exactly how to get the most from the platform.

We can help with this, but to show you a little bit of our pedigree in this area, we thought we'd share some insight on our Google Shopping process.

How our Google Shopping process works

By strategically placing your product ads alongside Google’s top search engine results, we can help you to make your best-selling products as visible as possible in the most cost-effective way.

Unlike traditional text ads, Google shopping ads display a picture of your product, the title and title, price, store name and more essential information. Potential customers can get a strong sense of your product before they even click on the ad.

Since ads are only displayed to those who are actively looking for what you offer, you’ll be on track to get a lot more leads to your e-commerce site. Not only that, but the leads will be a lot more likely to make a purchase. In some cases, clients have enjoyed double their standard click-through rates.

Our marketing team will consider your business objectives and then use strategically placed Google Shopping ads to make your campaign as profitable as possible. Our PPC experts in Liverpool can work with a wealth of targeting options to create and run several highly-focused ad campaigns at once.

The key qualities of a good Google Shopping campaign

We’ll manage your product feeds and monitor your campaigns, refining them even further as it becomes apparent which products are driving traffic and generating revenue on your website. The key qualities of a good Google Shopping campaign are:


Similarly to standard paid search, you are only charged when one of your ads is clicked, so with a strategically planned campaign you can secure potential buyers at great value.

Remarketing potential

Google Shopping ads can be used to target users who have previously viewed your site and/or products to give you a chance of connecting with interested parties.


We can help you to effectively market your products for Google Shopping on mobile devices, which is where a rapidly increasing number of shoppers are now buying their products. Find out more today!

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Jamie Carter
Managing Director
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