How to go about a Content Audit for your website

How to go about a Content Audit for your website

Jamie Carter
Managing Director
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When it comes to creating attention online, it’s often true that your online content is king. You may well know that your products and/or services are as good if not better than anyone else in your industry, but how are you going to get people’s attention to let them know that?

One of the services we provide for our clients, early on in the process of working with you, is a content audit. This means that we’ll cast our eye over your company’s persona, your current site and wider online presence, as well as your target audience, offering something of an audit on how you’re currently doing.

What are the Key Areas?

Some of the key areas of a content audit that we’ll focus on include:

  • User Experience: One of the most important factors in your online content audit is analysing the average user experience as they navigate your site. We’ll measure the amount of time spent by visitors in different areas and aspects of your site, identifying which ones are engaging users the most. By finding out the type of material that does well on your site, your content can be made even more appealing for users, and the areas with lower engagement rates can be removed or rewritten. We’ll also assess the current layout of your site's features to ensure that visitors are presented with the most relevant information in the most accessible way.
  • SEO Performance/Structure: We’ll take a look at the search engine rankings of your site and determine the ways that your current page structure could be enhanced to produce user activity that’s more substantial. By paying close attention to the way that visitors navigate their way around your site, our SEO specialists in Liverpool will be able to put together a really effective website structure. We’ll formulate page options that are built specifically for your target audience in order to generate interest and boost your online visibility. We’re able to create new pages based on specific categories and locations while remodelling the descriptions of existing pages to make them more suited to search engine terms.
  • Keyword Focused Pages: We’ll take a look at your current use of keywords and determine the type of traffic that they’re directing to your site through popular search engines. For each page of your site, we’ll assess your use of focus words and how successfully they’re directing traffic to your site and generating user activity. We’ll find out the best focus words related to your specific service and the key search terms for your target audience. This will allow us to use the keywords effectively on each of your site pages, producing content that’s meaningful, concise and fully effective in generating results.
  • Understanding Audience Terminology: Effective site content will speak the language of your clients. This means presenting information in the way that it would be imagined and searched for by your target audience. Our research will determine the terms that are searched for most in your specific industry, allowing us to generate traffic to your site by using keywords effectively. Your specific audience could be searching for terms that are not included in your current site content, so we’ll find out their exact searches and present them effectively on your site.

Connecting with Your Target Demographics

Ensuring that your content is at the best possible level to connect with your target demographics is a key part of helping to build your audience, and in turn, generate more leads and sales.

A content audit is a great way to ensure this is happening, so for more details on how we could put this in place for your website, please get in touch with our team today.

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