How to go about Link Building for SEO benefit

How to go about Link Building for SEO benefit

Jamie Carter
Managing Director

As well as ensuring that your own website provides you with great SEO performance, one of the primary off-page SEO services we provide is in the form of link building. This is a process by which we get placement for links to your website, ideally on as many high authority and high traffic sites as possible. There are various ways to do this, but we focus on high-quality, genuine links.One reason we do this is we think it’s advantageous to your brand to receive links on as many established sites as possible, particularly those relevant to your industry. Another major reason is that for agencies who focus on spammy, unnatural or fabricated links, it’s only a matter of time before Google catch on and you lose any SEO value they gave, and potentially other SEO you’ve built up.

Types of Links

We’ll put in a place a link building strategy that is build around quality content and industry connections to get you as many prime link placements as we can. Whether it’s an original infographic gaining placement on a series of industry forums, a professional PR piece that gets traction on social media, or an article placed on a notable blog that we have connections with, we’ll build you an ever-increasing portfolio of good genuine links that boost your SEO.Some of the key link objectives include:

  • Traffic Generating Links: These types of links, which can include text links, banner ads, forum posts, blog comments and social media mentions are built around giving your website exposure on higher traffic pages. This is done with the intention that users from the high-traffic site you are linked on will make become referral visit to your site. We’ll use an analysis tool to determine the level of traffic a potential target site gets, as well as the demographics who visit the site most to help decide whether they fit within your ideal target audience, increasingly the likelihood of quality leads.
  • Search Engine Positioning Links: These links are built around boosting your search result positions for one or several targeted keywords, a determination we can help you with due to our extensive keyword research capabilities. The key here is to secure dofollow links on the desired web pages using your keyword or phrase as anchor text. So if you want to rank highly for a particular product or service you offer, you’ll want your links to use those keywords. You can achieve this sort of link via blog comments on relevant dofollow blogs, or a guest blog post that includes your anchor text link, or through organic links placed on relevant pages.
  • Reputation Management Links: If you’re looking to use your SEO for reputation management, you may want to put your attention on reputation building links – links that include your individual name or company name as their anchor. These types of links aren’t just effective on your main website, they can be placed on your social profiles, industry blogs, and many other sources, with the aim being to bring positive details about your company high up in search results.
  • Additional Backlinks: As well as gaining great placement for backlinks to your website, we can also look to strengthen the effectiveness of those links by linking to the page your link is located upon. There are various ways to do this, including bookmarking, but we can discuss these in more detail once we decide on the placement of the initial links.

Keeping your links looking natural

It’s vitally important that when building links, you stay aware that the process must be done in a way that produces link which look natural to Google. Not only does this make for better SEO value, but also avoids the risk of a penalty, which could destroy all the positive SEO value you’ve built up.A good link building process will make sure to produce a varied strategy of diverse link building methods to ensure you get great results without suffering any negative issues. For more information on enlisting our link building services for your company, please get in touch today.

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Jamie Carter
Managing Director
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