Latest Digital Marketing Trends 2021

Latest Digital Marketing Trends 2021

Jamie Carter
Managing Director

Latest Digital Marketing Trends

The digital marketing industry is known for its rapid pace, especially in terms of technology. This digitalisation has allowed all sorts of digital trends to emerge and become a part of the digital landscape within a relatively short period. In this article, we will look at some of the most popular digital trends, that have been embraced by digital marketers over the last couple of years, and how they can be used.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Myths

AI Adoption In Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was previously used in machine translation to translate text automatically, between different languages. It was discovered that this could also be applied to digital marketing, and marketers soon started looking for ways in which they can leverage AI to streamline their digital processes.

AI is now used in digital marketing platforms to automate repetitive tasks such as generating reports, writing emails and determining customer personas. This has saved digital marketers a huge amount of time that would otherwise be spent on these mundane digital marketing tasks.


Chatbots are digital entities that simulate conversations between a human and a computer through the use of artificial intelligence. These chat-boxes can perform digital tasks such as answering questions about digital products, giving weather reports or the latest digital news.

This is seen by digital marketers as a way to further increase customer engagement with their website. Through chatbots, digital marketers can provide instant customer service and increase the chances of converting website visitors into digital customers.


Personalisation has always been a digital marketing priority for digital marketers. With the increased ability of digital marketers being able to monitor customers' digital behaviour, marketers are now able to build digital experiences that are personalised for their individual customers.

This is in line with digital customer expectations in which 72% of digital consumers expect brands to provide them with customised and personalised digital experiences.

Video Marketing

93% of digital marketers now use video content as part of their digital marketing strategies. This is because digital consumers are drawn to digital videos due to its interactive nature. Contests for digital shares, likes and comments have all become elements of modern digital video advertising strategies.

Digital marketers believe that digital videos are an under utilised digital marketing tool, and that they add value to digital strategies on the whole.


Marketers can now add digital games to websites and apps in order to engage customers with digital content. This is known as gamification . For digital marketers, this means an opportunity for them to leverage digital games' ability to draw digital consumers to digital platforms, and influence their digital customer behaviour.

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