Making use of Outreach & Digital PR

Making use of Outreach & Digital PR

Jamie Carter
Managing Director

To boost awareness of your brand within a specific industry, there is great value in using a digital PR and outreach strategy to gain as much media coverage as possible, tracking down opportunities that will bring you into trending discussions on the web.

Here at We Are Web, we are experienced in finding the most effective platforms for your reaching your target audience, then using our connections and specialist knowledge to capture their attention through relevant and interesting stories. Our digital agency in Liverpool offers a strong track record in Digital PR, creating engaging hooks and reach out to the most prominent bloggers and journalists in your niche to expose your brand to a wide customer base.

Laying the groundwork

Before developing an Outreach and Digital PR strategy for your business, we’ll undertake detailed research into what your specific target audience tend to read and share online. We’ll get to grips with the media reportage within your niche, including the best type of content for your audience, the level of specialist knowledge required and the journalists and bloggers who are most prominent in that field. By tracking the latest trends, controversies and upcoming events in your niche, we’ll use our most creative assets to devise winning content ideas that will be of interest to your audience.

We’ll pitch to the most suitable online platforms and provide a timely hook that’s both interesting and relevant to grab the attention of your audience and compel them to read further. We’re able to produce anything from relevant news stories to entertaining opinion pieces, and more research-driven, analytical pieces. As well as written pieces, we can generate the interest of your specific audience through light-hearted quizzes or informative infographics.

We’re able to use our SEO expertise to optimise the links in all your earned media coverage. We also distribute content using Native Advertising platforms to act as a catalyst for earned traffic, links, and shares. We’ve built a reputation for creating winning PR ideas and getting them into the public domain. By incorporating Digital PR and outreach to journalists and bloggers with SEO, we’ve helped clients across various industries to gain wider recognition for their brand. We’ll dedicate time to understanding your business objectives and KPI’s before putting together a personalised strategy.

If you’d like to hear more about working with us on enhancing your Outreach and Digital PR and gaining the range of benefits it can offer in terms of brand awareness, site traffic and lead conversion, get in touch with our team today.

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Jamie Carter
Managing Director
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