When should you make use of local SEO?

When should you make use of local SEO?

Jamie Carter
Managing Director

When it comes to getting the online placement you want, the idea of getting to the number one spot on Google can often be a little more nuanced and complex than it may seem on the surface, this process is referred to as local SEO.

To be really effective in terms of attracting traffic to your site, you’ll want to target a number of specific terms. While the central keywords for your industry may be easy to define, centred around the main products and/or services in your industry, there are other keywords you should also consider.

Many of these have an added location-based slant, as often when people go looking for a particular product or service, they will add their location to the search in an attempt to find a nearby option.

The key features of Local SEO

Here at We Are Web, we have an experienced research team who will do in-depth research on all of the location-based searches around the key terms related to your particular business and wider industry.

We’ll focus on areas including:

  • Keyword Identification: We’re able to find the search volumes for different locational keywords and identify how hard it would be to achieve top placement for each term. This will inform the content we create for your site, helping you more effectively target your site towards one or many regional locations you want more traffic, leads and business from. 
  • PPC Strategy: An insight into location-based SEO will also help us to build an effective strategy for targeting the most economical PPC-spends. It may be that not only is targeting a general industry term not as effective, but it’s also much more expensive. Target the right locations alongside those terms and not only could it cost you much less per click, but you can also generate leads specifically looking for your product and/or service in their region. 
  • Content Marketing: As well as informing the content we write and place on your website, an appreciation of local SEO can help us to provide a more refined process for where we specifically target your content. We could create content designed to specifically appeal to and gain traction with an audience in a location you’re focused on reaching. 
  • Social Media: We also offer a range of social media management options that are detailed in other areas of our site. Our insight into local SEO will allow us to help you target your audience more effectively through a range of social platforms. 
  • Google Local Listings: Google’s recent placement of local listings alongside a local map feature has become a key target space for location-based keywords. Achieving placement here on whatever keywords you’re targeting has the potential to generate quality leads, so by putting all of our other Local SEO tools into action, we’ll aim to get you here.

Building a Strategy

Building a strategy that allows you to target some of the prime locations for your business is a highly effective SEO strategy. We can help you get the placement to generate increased web traffic and more quality leads from the areas that matter most to your company.

For more information on how we can utilise our extensive Local SEO knowledge to help you target success in one or many key locations for your business, please get in touch with us.

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Jamie Carter
Managing Director
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