Case Study

Organic Traffic increased by


from Jan 14 - Mar 16

Digital Leads increased by


from Jan 14 - Mar 16

The Objectives

Aaron & Partners have established themselves as a nationally recognised specialist law firm, providing both personal and business legal services. Since 2012, they had been working with different full-service digital agencies to push their digital presence. They struggled to find an agency that understood the legal system, its intricacies, and how to apply this to digital marketing.

Aarons approached We Are Web with the following objectives:

  • Increase organic traffic (SEO) & paid advertising conversions (PPC)
  • Improve user experience & website conversion rate (CRO)
  • Work alongside Aarons PR agency and content writers, using their resources to aid our digital marketing campaign
  • Offer better ability to track leads and sales made from the website
  • Increase local reach for local legal services
  • Increase national coverage on national legal services
  • Build a bespoke intranet system

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What We Did

  • Organic search campaign (SEO)
  • Paid advertising management (PPC)
  • Website audit & UX improvements (CRO)
  • Website & lead tracking

The Solution

Understanding a multi service law firm

Early on, We Are Web met the marketing team and Partners of the firm on a regular basis to get a better understanding of what leads were required and how best to achieve these objectives. A basic digital marketing plan was put in place until we could formalise a more comprehensive one.


Unlike how other agencies had approached Aaron & Partners, we listened, learned and then applied a strategy. Understanding the complexity behind the firm, that a law firm operates differently, we knew there were key voices we needed to listen to before initialising targets.

Strategy Creation

As part of the strategy phase, we presented a full research audit, looking at which keywords and terminology the audience used, as well as where they were located. We then looked at budgeting and audience insights, establishing budgets for paid advertising, and looking at targets for demographic and geographical audience types. The challenge here was that because there is such a broad range of services, it’s tricky to know where to put your budget, and where can it most effectively be used. The key to the strategy was finding the right areas to spend budget on, finding new areas that competitors had overlooked, giving Aarons competitive advantage.

Once a strategy was agreed, we applied this to the website through a technical audit, with the target of increasing the website’s relevance and the overall on-page SEO.

We Are Web also presented a content plan, which highlighted the opportunities to target keywords through SEO and PPC by creating new content for the website. Guest blogging was a big part of the organic strategy, whilst We Are Web focused on natural listings (SEO), we worked alongside a PR agency to look at digital publication opportunities.

Digital Leads increased by


from Jan 14 - Mar 16

Grasping what makes a client tick

A full review of the website was done, using Google Analytics and Adwords data was not enough, so we applied a tool called to track what users did on the website. We learnt what elements of the site mattered most to users, and what the typical user journey involved. We Are Web is now currently working through the website improving UX to aid conversion rate.

Finally, to tie the new investment in and report back to the board during the project, We Are Web focused on improving Google Analytics, tracking calls and also working with the marketing team on how they record leads internally. The business is now able to record how much each website visitor equals in terms of profit, and the source of every lead and its value. We are now looking at full attribution modeling, so that the firm can see each case source, its cost and its overall profit. This all makes budget decisions much easier for the board, with appropriate and accurate analysis.

The Results

The partnership between our companies is now over two years old and the results speak for themselves. One of the greatest successes of the campaign was in the niche keywords we targeted for paid and organic advertising. Exploring deeper and asking the firm more questions resulted in finding new pockets of leads, ensuring that we hit the right target audience. Overall, digital leads from January 2014 to March 2016 improved by 82%, which (vitally) has all been done on a reduced digital marketing budget compared to 2013-14! Both parties have worked together to ensure that the focus is on quality rather than quantity.

One of the key priorities was to push specialised targeted work to the firm, which we have managed to do at a relatively low-level cost.

The brand wanted to be seen as a thought leader and experts in each of their key legal fields. One thing we have been keen to introduce is the company’s personality and their positioning as an approachable and friendly solicitor firm. This has been carried out through work on the website and any marketing collateral, as through introducing additional marketing channels like display advertising, Google and Facebook remarketing, this has also helped ensure the firm keeps up-to-date with the latest platforms and methods of communication.

The Results

  • Metric Results

    • Organic Traffic increased by


      from Jan 14 - Mar 16

    • Digital Leads increased by


      from Jan 14 - Mar 16

    • Conversion Rate Increase increased by


      from Jan 14 - Nov 16

    • Paid Advertising Conversions increased by


      from Jan 14 - Mar 16

    • Overall ROI increased by


      from Jan 14 - Mar 16

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