Case Study

Organic Traffic increased by


over 9 months

Organic Goal Completions Conversion Rate increased by


over 9 months

The Objectives

Anwyl Homes were looking for marketing agencies to help them develop their brand, website and marketing. In a collaborative effort with Elephant Digital, we were a part of the team that helped develop Anwyl towards significant growth in their Homes division, which is where they sell their homes directly to the general public.

Before starting, Anwyl had received little uptake from their website and marketing, they were largely reliant on other methods to advertise and sell new properties, such as using Rightmove and Zoopla. In 2016, they wanted to change this, achieve more control and use their own website as a more powerful marketing tool for the business.

Anwyl Homes (via Elephant Digital) approached We Are Web with the following objectives:

  • Increase organic traffic (SEO) & paid advertising conversions (PPC)
  • Improve user experience & website conversion rate (CRO)
  • Achieve better ability to track leads and sales made from the website
  • Grow the brand online through online PR and content marketing

Visit the Website

What We Did

  • Organic search campaign (SEO)
  • Paid advertising management (PPC)
  • Website audit & UX improvements (CRO)
  • Content creation

The Solution

Mapping the Best Strategy

As part of the SEO strategy phase, we completed research with the client to understand their audience. As the first phase of this SEO campaign was mainly focused around improved keyword rankings and traffic, the SEO strategy became clearly apparent. Targeting was created around users who searched for ‘New Homes’ and ‘Houses for Sale’, the idea being to inspire audiences who had not thought of buying a new house, and likewise ensuring that if anyone searched a specific area with an Anwyl development, that they showed up.

The strategy was broken down into detailed geo-targeting, as we identified that most users will start off with a broad search such as ‘Houses for sale Cheshire’ and then over time narrow down their search to something like ‘4 bedroom houses for sale Wilmslow’. The trick was ensuring the new website had coverage on all of these keywords.

SEO Friendly Built Website has always had an authoritative website in Googles eyes, with the new website build it was a great opportunity to build upon this authority.

The previous website was not built in an SEO friendly manor and as result this hindered the overall website traffic and rankings.

Our technical on page SEO experts created documentation for the website agency to implement. Our SEO audit and guidance document was 50 pages and was implemented into the Wordpress website easily, the document included guidance and a review of the following:

  • Keyword strategy
  • Content plan
  • Title tags and meta data creation
  • On page SEO technical audit
  • 301 redirects
  • Website migration
  • Website speed check

Organic Goal Completions Conversion Rate increased by


over 9 months

SEO Focused Content

Whilst the website was in development our team of content writers worked to expand the website out, ensuring for each keyword group there was a relevant page, this page was not just focused on ranking in Google but also converting.

We created the content to be a blend of the information the user needed to make an enquiry and also content to help the website rank on Google, such information as location info on local school’s, transport links was included to help generate the leads.

Long term the set up to create content monthly helps generate SEO traffic and rankings. We utilise the data from the PPC and SEO campaigns to create content, so for example if we can see people are Googling ‘Semi-detached 4 bedroom houses for sale Cheshire’ we work with Elephant Digital to create this page. The content and page is created then optimised for SEO, then this feeds to the PPC campaign also.

Improving Website Conversions

In collaboration with Elephant Digital we assisted in the development of the website to ensure landing pages for PPC and social media where built to convert, as in built to generate leads.

Anwyl Homes needed to ensure that for every penny spent that they got X back, in order to do this the SEO, PPC and social media campaigns needed to hit certain targets for acquiring customers.

We worked to ensure some of the key landing pages for these campaigns included the following:

  • Relevant information
  • Call to actions
  • Why use us
  • Simple to use navigation
  • Mobile friendly
Our recommendations where then put into practice within the design and development of the websites. This ensure Anwyl Homes was built for marketing not just for web.

The Results

The SEO campaign was an amazing success, in our experience of working in digital for a combined total of over 50 years this is one of the best SEO campaigns in terms of uplift we have seen.

The website credited to Elephant Digital worked incredibly well and it was a collaborative effort to optimise and continually improve the performance of the website. The SEO campaign continues to go from strength to strength and the overall increase in houses sold for Anwyl Homes has show how effective online marketing can be, in under 12 months we modernised a companies digital presence, and Anwyl have now moved to the next level.

The Results

  • Metric Results

    • Organic Traffic increased by


      over 9 months

    • Organic Conversions increased by


      over 9 months

    • Organic Goal Completions Conversion Rate increased by


      over 9 months

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