Case Study

Organic Traffic increased by


Over 16 months

Organic Conversions increased by


Over 6 months

The Objectives

Being approached by a company aiming to reach the top of the Negligence market, We Are Web were instructed to form a long-term strategy to grow a brand online. Starting from nothing, we have developed a great relationship and understanding with this rapidly growing company.

Been Let Down grew from generating 30 leads per month to 250+ and are now looking to expand into TV and Digital media advertising with the support of We Are Web.

Been Let Down approached We Are Web with the following objectives:

  • Create an industry leading brand, one which is trusted, respected and unique
  • Increase organic traffic (SEO) & paid advertising conversions (PPC)
  • Improve user experience & website conversion rate (CRO)Offer better ability to track leads and sales made from the website
  • Create a bespoke lead-tracking system, which allowed Been Let Down to give We Are Web feedback on the quality of leads generated
  • Grow the brand online through online PR and content marketing

Visit the Website

What We Did

  • Organic search campaign (SEO)
  • Paid advertising management (PPC)
  • Social advertising
  • Social media management
  • Online PR
  • Website audit & UX improvements (CRO)
  • Branding
  • Website design & development
  • Website & lead tracking
  • Bespoke tracking system

The Solution

A New brand & website

Coming on board in a consultancy capacity at first, we proposed that Been Let Down take a different approach to Negligence, becoming a key legal resource who were a friendly and welcoming solicitors, yet serious about client results. Been Let Down have gone on to win cases that went all the way to parliament.

The new branding and website was constructed based on the following scoping and research:

  • User Tracking Tools Discovery:

    Audience research using tools such as and


  • User Journey Review

    Review of user flow and sessions to discover what content was read on the website, how deep did the users go into the website.


  • Market & Competitor Review:

    Full competitor review and market review, understanding where Been Let Down where in the market, how could we differentiate the brand


  • Consumer Feedback:

    Understanding through Been Let Down case studies what clients are actually looking for, what triggered them to trust Been Let Down.


  • Sitemap:

    Digital Marketing is ever changing and so are all the channels within it, we operate flexible ways to work, so our resource and time is focused on what gets you the best results.


  • Mobile & Tablet Design:

    Mobile traffic continued to grow throughout 2016, discovering the importance of mobile and tablet we designed for these platforms first.


Content driven SEO campaign

SEO is potentially the long-term key in the Negligence market, as with cost-per-click from Google and Bing Ads continuing to rise, organic and unpaid traffic offers much greater profitability going forward.

Our strategy for Been Let Down was to build the website as a resource for all things Negligence. Our approach was to build content on an ongoing basis, whilst naturally earning links for keywords that we knew from PPC data converted well. The advantage we had in the SEO campaign was that the PPC educated our choices and allowed us to create content based on users’ questions.

Understanding Been Let Down’s position in the market, we focused on long and medium tail keywords in competitive areas such as Medical Negligence, whilst also aiming for short-term keywords which were less competitive and more realistic.

Leads generated from organic traffic have risen by over 200% in the past year. The long-term SEO strategy is paying off and Been Let Down now have a strong footing for the future. With TV advertising, display and content marketing campaigns all just around the corner, the future’s bright for the team.

Organic Conversions increased by


Over 6 months

Broadening a paid campaign

With a campaign that needed to cover so many areas, we took time building a structured and vastly detailed PPC search campaign. Over time, the data taken from the PPC campaign has allowed us to optimise and grow this campaign going forward, based on the knowledge gleaned.

Expanding in 2015 into display and social advertising broadened the reach of the company. Using attribution modelling and our bespoke legal tracking system (below), this allowed us to track the success of the additional marketing channels.

In Q4 of 2016, Been Let Down looked to use such digital media software as to focus on long-term demographic targeting.

This will then scale the business further with its national presence, whilst also running TV Ad campaigns. Consulting and top level management of these campaigns will allow the company to offer much more than simple search ads, Been Let Down now looks to influence the market with its innovative ‘No Success Fee’ campaign, with an aim of educating the general public. No longer will Been Let Down be riding the wave of other company’s promotion, but influencing and disrupting will allow for thoughtful industry leadership, with experts at the company expressing key opinions on Negligence.

How we recorded the quality of leads

Data and analytics is crucial for any agency, with PPC and SEO able to easily generate legal leads, analytics recording where the leads are from, but the unknown (and key) factor being lead quality.

We developed in-house a legal lead-generation tracking system, allowing Been Let Down’s staff to rate and case-manage online marketing leads. So over time, we can track which keywords, channels and demographic types generated good or poor quality leads.

This is new technology that puts us ahead of the competition, so as an agency we will be able to model the digital marketing based on actual profitable leads, getting the most for our client’s budget.

The Results

  • Metric Results

    • Organic Search increased by


      Within 3 months

    • Organic Traffic increased by


      over 16 months

    • Overall ROI increased by


      6 months


The marketing advice given by We Are Web is insightful, forward-thinking and great value for money. They capture your target market, they don’t just create something that looks visually pleasing and professional, they also make sure that it reflects the values of your business and client base. Their extensive knowledge of digital media, including social media, is first class. We Are Web are outstanding digital professionals, so if you are looking for a digital media firm to take your business to the next level, they are proven marketers and a great hire for any job.

Stephen Edwards

Head of Been Let Down

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