Case Study

Organic Traffic increased by


over 26 months

Overall Conversions increased by


in 6 months

The Objectives

Electrical Warehouse is a sub brand from a large UK based Electrical Wholesaler. The company had ventured into digital marketing previously, but ended up being burnt by the Google penguin update in 2012.

The website continued to sell but sales dropped radically and no company could lift the Google penalty. Now picking the project back up in 2014, We Are Web where instructed based on the following objectives:


  • Brand, marketing and sales strategy, how does Electrical Warehouse differentiate itself, and how do we gain customers from other already established competitors
  • Create new distinctive brand focused around a predominantly male audience
  • Create Magento website
  • Assist with Magento product implementation
  • Assist with collecting and managing ecommerce data
  • Assist in the development of a competitive pricing research and analytics process
  • Increase organic (SEO) and paid traffic to the website
  • Best use to gain sales from the data and existing contacts on the current site for the new one
  • Build bespoke tiered pricing system which allows users to take advantage of economies of scale pricing models

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What We Did

  • Organic search campaign (SEO)
  • Paid advertising management (PPC)
  • Social advertising
  • Branding
  • Website design & development
  • Website & lead tracking

The Solution

Creating a bold and unique brand

The target audience was quite mixed from outset of the project, initially we were tasked with targeting both Man in white van (wholesale) and home owners. We presented a strong business case to the client that the focus should predominantly be on the wholesale side, and that the target audience was mostly male.

This then lead us to creating the distinctive yellow and black branding, a masculine brand with the aim of showing the user the best price, quickest accessibility and options to buy in bulk.

We set up a unique feature which other competitors had not done. Electrical Warehouse had the functionality to offer tiered pricing, so a discount could be applied per unit. This would grant the customer the ability to benefit from bulk purchasing and economies of scale, whilst Electrical Warehouse gained higher spending wholesale customers, it was a win win for both supplier and customer

Sparks Flew

Once the website launched we were not able to simply redirect the old website, due to the Google penalty, but we quickly established a page one ranking on Google for keywords such as ‘Electrical Wholesalers Online’. This generated early sales, but it was obvious to us that there was a lot more opportunity.

We worked hard with the client on competitor pricing data, and developing a system internally which allowed them to review the latest competitor pricing, beating it in most cases whilst still retaining the average profit margin needed. We also advised to create loss leader items and focus the website on sales. After all the items where not necessarily a want but a need for the man in white van.

After several months of ensuring the data was not only correct but competitive we activated Google, Bing and Facebook ads, this rocketed results. The website raised its turnover by over 75% once paid was switched on. Creating great profit margins and also producing targets for the ever growing SEO campaign. Conversion rate in one month went from below 0.3% to over 2%.

Overall Conversions increased by


in 6 months

Google Shopping, Email marketing and Online reviews

A large majority of the success was down to Google shopping set up, but also presenting data to the client about pricing ensured that this channel succeeded. Whilst this was taking place, we continued A/B split testing and improving the website.

The site now also uses Mautic an email marketing platform for basket dropouts, sales promotions and generally improving customer loyalty.

Soon we are looking to launch live chat and Feefo reviews now that the business is fully equipped and has the correct resources to manage these two systems.

The website now also uses a mixture of well thought after Magento extensions, this allows the company to save time keeping product data fresh and pricing competitive.

The Results

Once we worked out a process which ensured the client was competitive on price and had the right product information, the project soured. SEO generated a steady stream of new large purchase customers, benefited by some generic keyword rankings for national keywords, whilst paid advertising increased product specific one time only purchasers.

The business now has gained many trusted business and consumer customers which it can tap into with its core business as well as Electrical Warehouse.

Consistently throughout the project we improved the website on desktop and mobile, this coupled with the data, pricing improvements and being proactive with sales promotions took the website from a 0.2% conversion rate to a 1.75%+.

Overall the business is heading into 2017 with huge online growth and a brand which is rising in terms of brand presence.

We are now launching 2 new ecommerce websites targeting different audiences, using a similar model and marketing method.

The Results

  • Metric Results

    • Organic Traffic increased by


      in 12 months

    • Overall Conversions increased by


      in 6 Months


We Are Web and their directors have an outstanding aptitude for detail. The team understood the needs of us as a client, which is very different to what we'd received from other digital marketing agencies. They paid close attention to what we had to say during consultation sessions, doing research within our field and providing effective solutions.

Marketing Director at Electrical Warehouse

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