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Conversion Rate Increase increased by


from launch

Organic Search increased by


from launch

The Objectives

By far We Are Web’s biggest project to date and the brainchild of a well-seasoned entrepreneur and former Managing Director of a well-known plastering recruitment company, First Finishes is a web-based business, designed specifically for the plastering market.

Firmly set on its way to becoming the go-to business and website to facilitate jobs for plasterers for both domestic and commercial work, First Finishes is setting the benchmark in terms of specific digital business developments. This project is as complex as it is unique, involving brand development, website development, business strategy and digital marketing to bring the venture to fruition.

First Finishes approached We Are Web with the following objectives:

  • Create a professional brand, that would be easily recognisable
  • Develop a high-end website and business framework
  • Create a comprehensive database of Plasterers
  • Build organic traffic (SEO) & paid advertising conversions (PPC)
  • Ensure user experience & website conversion rate (CRO)
  • Track leads and postings from the website
  • Create a bespoke administration system.
  • Grow the brand online through online PR and content marketing

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What We Did

  • Organic search campaign (SEO)
  • Paid advertising management (PPC)
  • Social advertising
  • Social media management
  • Online PR
  • Website audit & UX improvements (CRO)
  • Branding
  • Website design & development
  • Website & lead tracking
  • Content creation
  • Administration system
  • Customer & plasterer profile accounts
  • Integrated payment system
  • Bespoke notification system

The Solution

The Brand

The aim of the brand design was to develop a professional looking logo and colour-palette, one that would distinguish First Finishes from its competitors. Through several iterations, we developed an aesthetic brand design, with easily recognisable font and a series of logo variations, suitable for use across different mediums, such as web, print and admin documentation.

Organic Search increased by


from launch

The Website

Incorporating the new business branding throughout the website, the initial focus of the web development project was to design and build a highly functional, yet simple-to-use website, coupled with an automated administration back-end system.

The website’s purpose was to attract both plasterers and customers alike, providing them a communication platform to post and pitch for plastering work across the UK. The site would need to offer different login portals as well as a fully functional administration panel, fronted by a design that focus on user experience, lead generation and data capture.

Web Objectives

  • To develop a solid but flexible end-to-end business system using the Symfony framework.
  • Build a simple yet functional front-end, a multi-layered acquisition website.
  • Create a simple user journey via an easily navigable, variable-form acquisition system.
  • Build a plasterer acquisition form system that registers plasterers, collecting all legally required information with a view to deliver jobs within a specific geo-location.
  • Design the website to be aesthetically pleasing in all areas, using images and video throughout the site’s pages.
  • Design and build multiple internal business processes to accommodate different work types and requirements.
  • To follow and accommodate current legislative requirements defined within the building industry, allowing for document upload and verification.
  • To offer a platform / profile for job management both for the customer and prospective plasterers to use.
  • To build a fully bespoke Email & SMS notification system, both based on geo-location.
  • To build a complete administration area for job and plasterer management to be utilised by First Finishes employees.
  • To integrate a payment gateway to allow the purchase of credits within a bespoke credit system.
  • To be build the site to be fully responsive, for use on multiple mobile platforms as well as desktops.
  • To ensure all aspects of the website would be SEO friendly to fall hand in hand with the in-depth Marketing strategy.

The Marketing

Accompanying this complex build was an in-depth marketing strategy, with the core aim of firstly building a database of plasterers ready to work across the UK, followed by a second campaign to attract plastering work for those plasterers to carry out. The first aim was achieved through a combination of bespoke Paid advertising campaigns, using Google AdWords, Social Media Advertising and other 3rd Party Platforms to attract and sign up plasterers from targeted areas across the UK. Within three Months we had built a database of well over 1000 plasterers, ready to work at a moment’s notice.

The second phase focused on the promotion of the website itself, targeting audiences searching locally for plasterers online via a variety of researched keywords. Strategic campaigns had been developed and tested across a combination of Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing, PR, Content Marketing and Referral traffic.

The ongoing SEO work will eventually outweigh the Paid Advertising as the site ranks for keywords, confirmed as converting keywords by the Paid advertising campaigns ran previously.

The Results

2017 will see the First Finishes website launch into the Domestic and Commercial contracts markets, targeting plasterers specifically. An important part of the puzzle needed to achieve this was to ensure the site had enough plasterers ready and waiting to work on jobs that would be posted by potential customers. We built this dataset using varied methods, one of the most successful being the Google AdWords Campaign:

Running September 2016 through to January 2017 we saw the following:

  • Average Cost Per Conversion (how much it costs to acquire a plasterer): £2.36
  • With a Conversion Rate (the ratio by which the number of plasterers signed up): 17.57%
This had a major impact on the overall development of the plasterer database, increasing the number of registered plasterers to well over 1000 professionals across the UK. April 2017 will see the full-scale launch of the site, supported by SEO and Paid campaigns targeting researched keywords from a domestic perspective as well as commercial verticals.

The Results

  • Metric Results

    • Conversion Rate Increase increased by


      from launch

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