Picture: How Memorable are the World’s Most Famous Brand Logos?

How Memorable are the World’s Most Famous Brand Logos?

Burger King. Starbucks. Apple. IKEA. They’re iconic brands with iconic trademarks. We could probably draw their logos with our eyes closed, right?

It turns out most can’t really draw the logos with their eyes open.

In a recent experiment run by and titled ‘Branded in Memory’, more than 150 Americans were asked to draw the logos of 10 world famous brands. We’d like to think that members of our marketing and design teams would nail this task and produce gallery-level replicas of the logos we’ve seen a thousand times, but the results of this survey make us doubt ourselves a little.

The goal of the survey was to look at how much of a brand’s identity people were able to remember, and it appears that the barrels of cash many companies spend on trying to build brand awareness may be having limited impact, at least in this area.

It appears that the simplicity of a logo clearly impacted the survey, with IKEA, Apple and Target fairing a lot better than Foot Locker and Starbucks. Overall, in terms of being able to recreate the brand logo, only 16.6% on average managed a near perfect representation, while around a third of people came up with what classed as a ‘good representation’ of the brand logo they were attempting.

As for the other attempts, we won’t try to describe them; we’ll let you enjoy taking a look for yourself!





7 Eleven


Burger King




Foot Locker











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