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There used to be many photo-sharing apps vying to be at the top of the tree; then there was only Instagram. The past few years have seen the app dominate the market for photo and video content sharing, with 500+ million active monthly users.

Instagram is a highly visual medium, so it makes sense that your ads must be visually engaging in this environment. That said, it doesn’t have to be all spectacular landscapes or models, there are many ways to craft visually striking ads.


How does Instagram advertising work?

We can help with both the design process and the strategic placement of where the ads should be targeted. One key point to consider is that metrics have shown that Instagram has more than twice the click-through rate of other major social media platforms, so find an effective ad campaign and the rewards are potentially great.

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Photo Ads

If you can create the right image, it can be an excellent way to engage and interact with your target audience. Photo ads are an effective method for improving brand recognition and in turn boosting the generation of leads.

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Video Ads

When you utilise video ad placement, you gain the opportunity to post a 30 second video rather than the standard 15 seconds. The challenge is holding a user’s attention for that long in a busy visual marketplace, but if you produce a quality clip, Instagram video ads can help a user to make the decision to move from casual observer to fully engaging with your goods or services.

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The carousel ads give you a greater opportunity for visual storytelling than the standard photo ads, as they allow you to include a series of images for the user to swipe through. Simple psychology shows that once the user has chosen to scroll through a selection of your images, they’ve immediately become more engaged with your brand and what you have to offer.

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How do I begin Instagram advertising?

We have helped various clients to put together highly-effective Instagram advertising campaigns. To find out more about the personalised campaign we could provide for your business, get in touch with us today.

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