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A network that is purpose-built for professionals, LinkedIn’s digital marketplace of business-to-business interactions features over 400 million members, with the majority there specifically to talk work, goods and services.

It may not be as free-flowing as some of the other platforms as a tool for casual social interaction, but when used effectively, it can lead to some of the best business contacts of any social campaign. We have experience in running highly successful targeted B2B campaigns that have got our clients quality leads.

Why use LinkedIn marketing?

Whether you’re looking to find a new employee, network with other businesses or find new customers, LinkedIn is an excellent platform to generate quality leads that can convert into productive connections.

We’d love to speak to you in more detail about how we can help you to plan and execute a highly optimised LinkedIn marketing campaign that gets the most from your budget.

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Types of LinkedIn Ad

There are two main ad types on LinkedIn with the following differing features:

  • Sponsored updates appear in the central newsfeed as users scroll through, allowing for both image and text links in the advert, both of which can be clicked on to reach the target page.
  • Text ads appear in a smaller box to the right hand side of the main feed, and as their name suggests, only allow for a short text description with a text link through to the target page.

Both of these ad types allow for a range of targeting features to allow you to go after the exact audience you’re looking for. You can narrow your audience down using filters such as location, job types, skill sets, qualification levels and age brackets. We can help you to build a strategic campaign that is streamlined to get the absolute most from LinkedIn’s cost-per-click system.

There’s also a range of analytics features to manage how your advertising campaign is going, so our marketing campaign will be able to report back to you in real-time and also help you to become more and more effective with each new ad campaign.

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How does LinkedIn lead generation work?

As one of the most effective LinkedIn lead generation agency options in the North West of England, we are in an ideal position to help companies across a wide range of industries to increase the quality and quantity of their leads through the LinkedIn platform.

We can help put together a bespoke LinkedIn lead generation plan of action, providing a coherent strategy that helps you to reach your target audience on LinkedIn, utilising your budget in the most effective way. Lead generation is an important process in gaining the interest of your potential customers. Key stages include:

Know Your Targets

For B2B lead generation, implementing a clear strategy focused on the professional environment of LinkedIn can be a highly successful approach, but one that needs some direction. Our team understands how to build this in to your wider plans to increase and enhance the lead generation process your company is undertaking.

The reason you should utilise a LinkedIn lead generation agency is that it is a delicate process that can take some time to get right. LinkedIn lead generation isn’t simply a means to find a quick fix for your company, it is built on solid foundations of planning and data collection that can be utilised over a period of time. This framework is built around the company concepts of:

  • who are your target demographic?
  • what’s the best way to reach them?
  • how do you stand out and connect with them?
  • how should you collect, store and manage the leads that come in from LinkedIn?

We continuously test our LinkedIn lead generation process to ensure that the delivery of results can be tailored to meet client expectations. Our LinkedIn lead generation process involves element such as:

Creation and Management of Profiles

We can create a targeted campaign through your company LinkedIn profile/s, either through existing profiles, or creating additional profile/s used only for campaigns. We look for the best possible return on investment and have a track record of success in utilising the premium plan on LinkedIn to reach more potential prospects.

Build an Audience

Once we have established your target audience and found a significant number who fit within it, we then utilise a range of LinkedIn lead generation tactics, sending connection requests to those most likely to be pre-disposed to wanting to connect with our clients, preparing a sales message to send once accepted.

Our experts understand how to target the right type of users, utilising bespoke search terms based on our clients’ specific requirements and using specific keywords within the profile to reach quality leads and potential customers.

Send the Right Message

Creating the right type of sales message is key at this stage of the process, which is why it’s best to have access to an expert LinkedIn lead generation agency. We’ll know just how to frame a sales message, or multiple sales messages dependent on sector, as well as when to send it and how to use it to build quality leads and conversions for a business.

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How effective is LinkedIn lead generation?

Our expert LinkedIn lead generation agency has experience in running targeted campaigns on LinkedIn that boost daily enquiries to our clients through the social platform. Although LinkedIn isn’t as widely known and used as some other social platforms, the professional nature of users means that the value of each client can be much higher than elsewhere. It is vital that your prospects are managed from the very first response to a targeted LinkedIn advert or page.

The quality of a LinkedIn lead is vital, so we always focus on quality as well as quantity. Once the prospect has been qualified and delivered to your sales team, our experts will ensure that all data is tracked and analysed to enable a refinement of strategy for your LinkedIn campaign to continually improve results over time.

B2B lead generation is more important than ever, with a shift in recent years to the importance of inbound marketing and customer-focused approaches to lead generation. We can help you become, or remain, a recognisable and trusted brand within your industry sector, helping build quality leads that have the best chance of being converted into clients.

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How do I begin LinkedIn marketing?

Getting started on creating a quality B2B lead generation campaign for your LinkedIn platform is absolutely possible. All you have to do to speak to an expert LinkedIn lead generation agency is choose the contact option most suitable to you.

You can fill out our simple contact form, email us at [email protected], contact us via our social profiles, or to speak to someone immediately, you can pick up the phone and call 0151 321 2320.

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