The Benefits Of Email Marketing

Email marketing can be tricky to master, but there are several benefits that make it worth the effort to learn the art of emailing potential customers effectively.

When you master email marketing, you’ll be able to reach thousands of customers with just one click, and your chances of making sales will skyrocket.

Why Use Email Marketing?

If you’re trying to drive traffic to your site, email marketing is a great way to go. It’s low-cost and easy to implement. The biggest benefit of email marketing is that it works: as much as 97% of internet users open emails.

Email marketing also offers an ROI (return on investment) similar to other types of advertising, meaning that if you run an email campaign, you can expect it will cost X amount but will bring in Y amount back in revenue.

It Works!

Emails are personal and immediate, so people respond to them well.

Personalised emails also prove more effective than mass emails, because they show that you know your customer or client, on a personal level. This helps to strengthen relationships and shows customers that you care about them individually.

It Saves Time!

Not only is email marketing fast and cost-effective, but it’s also super-efficient. You can send out a personalised email to a list of people within a short space of time. Imagine how long it would take you to personally reach everyone on your mailing list one by one! That’s why 77% of marketers say that email helps them save time.