What Was The Problem?

Moixa were looking to generate leads for their new range of Solar Batteries, but didn't have the skills and resources in house to generate leads on bulk.

How Did We Fix It?

After several deep dive sessions exploring both their ideal audience and product offering, we built multiple Lead generation funnels which captured inbound traffic and leads, delivering them into a back end CRM system. We were required to monitor and capture and wide range of data, so Moixa could perform full analysis on their market segmentation.

Over time the funnel progressed into an SEO campaign where as well as driving paid traffic to the initial landing page, we also ranked the same page on Google.

Medicash Website

What Were The Outcomes?

Moixa were generating at its height 30 leads per day originating from specific areas of the UK. As well as ranking number one for the term "Smart Battery" within 1 year, they also had multiple paid campaigns delivery qualified leads at an average £16 cost per lead.

increase in annual organic traffic


increase in annual goal conversions


decrease in PPC cost-per-lead

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