Our ultimate objective was to bring in a better quality of lead for Moixa, through both organic traffic and paid traffic. We did this through managing site content, technical SEO, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. One particular success story is that Moixa had seen the focus keyword “solar battery” dropped to position 25 due to some questionable links that had been pointed at the site by past SEO teams.


We were able to remove all harmful links, as well as continuing to improve site content, and now regularly see Moixa ranked in 1st position for this keyword. We also significantly reduced the cost-per-lead on Facebook while simultaneously increasing the quality of leads.

services provided
Google Ads
Web Design & Development
Digital Marketing
Facebook Ads

158% increase in annual organic traffic

31% increase in annual goal conversions

29% decrease in PPC cost-per-lead

Optimising for Results

One key part of this was in redesigning the site to convey an air of expertise, quality and professionalism that embodies the Moixa brand, as opposed to the cheap and cheerful tone that past web teams had tried.

“The team at We Are Web have done everything we’ve asked of them, helping us to achieve a major increase in the amount of business we bring in through our website.”
Guste Sadaunykaite Senior Marketing Manager, Moixa

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