Content Optimisation

Have you heard this phrase, "Content is King"? There is nothing wrong with it. In the sophisticated world of the web, content optimisation is the king of all SEO strategies. 


What Makes Us Different?

We grow as you grow, so it’s in our interest for you to be successful, and we only work with partners we fully believe we can offer true value too.
Ecommerce is the term which defines a website that has a transactional function. There are many different types of platforms and business models associated with ecommerce, some better suited to specific types of transactional websites.
Most people are familiar with Amazon and how it works, this is one of the best examples of an Ecommerce website. There are however other business models that use transactional purchases, such as selling standalone or grouped products, subscriptions or online courses and services, that you may not recognise so clearly. Websites such as Udemy or Fiverr which sell courses and services to end users are good examples of these.
Whatever your business model, if you wish a user to place a purchase and make a transaction, this requires a different level of expertise than that of a conventional web designer, as there are many more factors that come into play. The term the devil is in the data, is a term often used in eCommerce development, as it is this under looked and often an under resourced element that can both delay and halt an Ecommerce project.
This coupled with further considerations on user journey, filter mechanisms, checkout process, payment providers and integration, shipping and taxation, product setup and detail, product imagery, eCommerce tracking, the list goes on. This should start to make you realise why eCommerce projects should be planned properly and undertaken only by experienced web designers and developers.
eCommerce comes in many shapes and sizes and we have worked with most of them, from small boutique stores, to developing bespoke ecommerce calculators, to multinational transactional insurance websites and subscription models with backend API integrations.
Each and every project is different and needs to be fully scoped before our hands even touch a keyboard, as it's essential to fully understand as much about the project as possible before we begin.
Simply put, we have a considerable pedigree when it comes to eCommerce. Our team has worked on many eCommerce projects from smaller niche website setups to large enterprise eCommerce installations.
We can advise and support you both on recommendations of the technology and content management systems you should be looking to use, as well as design and implement an eCommerce store or website that works.
We work with you to design your website architecture so it's both SEO optimised but also user friendly and help you build an Ecommerce website that will engage the user encouraging them to buy. We can advise and support you on all of the aspects of the website and work with you to plan resources and timeframes so you have a more accurate feel for your project and its deliverables.
If you are considering an Ecommerce project or looking to improve your existing website, then feel free to contact us to arrange a discovery meeting to discuss how we can help and support you.
The first step is to arrange an ECommerce discovery call. We will need to capture as much information as possible from this meeting to allow us to work out how much work will be involved. As mentioned these projects can become complex very quickly so the more information we have the more accurate quotes we can give.
Once we have enough information, we can then put together a proposal and project plan, which outlines the project in full.
The website design & build itself can take anywhere from 12 weeks upwards depending on work involved, so it's worth factoring this into any plans you make from a business aspect.

WHAT IS content optimisation?

In fact, SEO starts from content whether it is Local SEO or National SEO campaign. You cannot sell your product or service if you do not have optimised content on your website. You cannot move to the next step in SEO before optimising content. 
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Adding content to your website is not enough whether you are a business or simply a blogger. This content should be placed in a way that it is accessible to your target audience and crawl-able for search engines.

Content Optimisation Elements

Content optimisation means optimising content for the largest possible audience by following certain SEO techniques.

It includes:
  • meta tags. 
  • titles 
  • headlines
  • CTRs
  • visual images
  • relevant keywords
You need content optimisation for the following
  • Ranking your web pages in the search engine
  • Making your content easy to find
  • Targeting specific keywords
  • Having user-friendly material on your site
  • Generating high-quality backlinks

content optimisation FOR?

Our main objective is to provide quality service that drives traffic to your site and raises sales. Our experts work day and night to improve existing content by following SEO best practices.
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How Do We Do Content Optimisation?

Our strategy includes but is not limited to these following techniques

Content Audit
Initially, we do a detailed audit of the content that already exists on your site. We check if it fulfills readers' search intent. It also helps us analyse how much optimisation content needs and how much time it will require. 

Competitors' Analysis 
We search your competitors and do their analysis to ensure later your content is better than theirs. It also helps us discover missing keywords gaps which can be utilised for more content production.

Our experts restructure and redesign content. They ensure that your content has the proper formatting, accurate grammar, and good readability. 

Adding New Content
Besides improving and optimising old content, we make sure your website has the latest and most up-to-date information. We also add featured snippets wherever required. 


Our hard work and dedication towards work make us the best company for content optimization in Liverpool.

What Makes Us Different?

Benefit from our experience. Our partnerships are not about you paying for us to configure software It’s about the 20 plus years our team have worked within the industry, and the experience, benefit and advantages that brings.
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