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Even when your marketing is underway, our job is not yet complete. We’ll continue to review how well the content is performing, using analytics to find out how much of an impact the new content and its marketing is having on your SEO performance and in turn, on your business.

We’ll look at the quantity and quality of results generated to understand exactly how customers are interacting with your content, and get to grips with your key sources of business growth. This will allow us to develop your marketing strategy accordingly, in order to create an ongoing plan of action that’s built to guarantee the very best results for your business.

Vital Questions

By tracking and reviewing your various content marketing metrics, we’ll be able to gain insight on these vital content marketing strategy questions:

Consumption Insight
How many users are consuming your online content? Which are the main content channels they’re using to do so? (website, social media, blogs..) How frequent is the average user’s consumption and for what length of time?
Sharing Insight
Which of your content pieces are being shared the most? Which consumer demographic/s tend to share your pieces? How often is your content being shared? Is there a noticeable pattern to when and why it’s being shared?
Engagement Insight
How do the sharing metrics and consumption insight combine to demonstrate the overall “engagement” of your consumers? Does your content successfully inspire users to take action of some form? If so, what kind of action does it inspire them to take and how often?
Lead Insight
How is your content supporting lead generation? We’ll look at the leads being generated by user content and make sure that you’re undertaking the best measures.
Sales Insight
In what specific ways is your content driving revenue and sales?
Retention Insight
How effective is your content in holding the interest of your audience after the initial click?
Cost Insight
What are your overall content marketing costs? What is your cost per piece or per creative resource?

What Does This Tell Us?

Using this series of analytical tools, we’ll be able to gain an in-depth picture of how your marketing strategy is working, allowing us to work out your current ‘Return on Investment’ and helping to stimulate further business growth. We’ll consider every aspect of your content marketing strategy metrics to make sure that your strategy is in line with your business goals and make the necessary changes to maximise your results and turn more potential consumers into dedicated clients. For more information on any of our marketing services, get in touch.

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