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From a general social interaction perspective, LinkedIn may not be as popular as the other major social media platforms, but from a Business-to-Business perspective, it has the potential to be the most effective of all the social platforms.

We have experience in running targeted campaigns on LinkedIn that have seen our clients receiving several major enquiries in a single day, in some cases booking tens of thousands of pounds worth of work. So, how do we go about that? It’s through utilising LinkedIn campaigns for our clients.

Our Process

You’ll likely be wondering what the key aspects involved in a LinkedIn campaign are, and whether it would be useful for your business. The second question would involve a conversation on your specific industry and company aims, but for now here’s an overview.

Our LinkedIn Campaign Process

Access and Management
Once we receive access to a client’s account, we can go about managing the creation of a campaign to bring the benefits back to you. Alternatively, we can make a duplicate profile that will be used only for campaigns, but linking to the client website and contact details. We’ll look to purchase a premium plan to allow you to get the most from the platform, not only do you usually get the first month free, but if the campaign goes to plan you’ll receive a great return on investment.
Intelligent Search
The first campaign step is to setup up bespoke search queries, dependent on each client’s requirements. We’ll already have a working knowledge of some of the characteristics of your business, products and/or services, so that will inform our search. For example we can search for job title, industry, location, current company, past companies and for specific keywords within their profile, all related to what may provide a quality lead for your business.
Strategic Connections
Once we’ve searched for and built our target audience, we’ll then send 1000 connection requests to the people that show up in the searches, the majority of whom should be pre-disposed to want to connect with you. We will then wait around a week, and for the users that have accepted your connection, we will prepare a sales message to send to them.
Message Delivery
We’ll prepare a message, and once we have sign-off from you the client, we’ll start delivering the messages to all of the new connections, in the hopes that we generate some leads and even conversions for your business.

The Results

We usually expect an initial acceptance rate of around 55%, but this depends on what industry is being targeted amongst other factors. We’ll hope that as many of those connections turn into responses, but our standard expectations would be as follows:

Invitations: 1000

Acceptances: 550

Messages Sent: 550

Replies: 80

Meetings/Calls: 30

Conversions: 2-3

Is It Effective?

As mentioned previously, we’ve seen LinkedIn campaigns yield some fantastic results for some of our clients in the past, a platform that’s ideally placed to make the kind of business connections that can lead to large purchases and/or ongoing projects. It can also lead to forging the kind of professional links that may allow you to source services that will improve your business.

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