Technical SEO Audits


Getting the best SEO performance for your website is a multi-part process, with one of the areas that requires the greatest expertise being the technical SEO audit. You’ll want an agency with insight and experience to ensure each SEO area is covered.

Our technical SEO audit isn’t aimed so much at the front-end visuals of your website, it’s about all the behind the scenes elements that make up the back-end of your site being in proper order to make sure you really do get the best SEO performance possible.

What Is A Technical SEO Audit?

Here at We Are Web, we can offer you a ‘lite’ SEO audit at the initial consultation stage, and should you decide to become a client, we can then follow that up with your full technical SEO audit. There are many benefits to ensuring the On-Page SEO performance of each page of your website is at the optimum level. It may not take this exact order, but we’ll do this technical audit by:

Utilising Google Search Console
At this stage, we’ll be trying to see your site through Google’s eyes as it were, to give us the best insight into how you’re currently performing. We’ll be looking particularly for any structural data issues, any mobile usability problems, the performance of your content keywords, as well as current crawl stats, crawl errors and your overall sitemap.
Performing a Site Crawl
This is where we’ll go over your site with a fine-tooth comb (or at least its online equivalent) to look for any content duplication, any Meta-tag issues or HTTP/S duplication, as well as examining many other aspects of your site.
Reviewing Your Indexing
This is another angle from which to look at your site’s SEO performance, checking that your site is properly indexed, that it ranks correctly for what you’re trying to target, and that there are no detrimental duplicate pages.
Further On-Site Checks
At this point, we’re really trying to exhaust every possible avenue to ensure that your site is fully reviewed for its current SEO capabilities. We’ll examine aspects such as page sourcing, internal linking, your URL structure and the site’s overall navigation.
Monitoring Site Speed
Once we’ve examined many of the individual aspects of your site that contribute to SEO, we’ll also obtain benchmark measurements for your site speed, as well as identifying any slower elements within the site, which can negatively affect SEO.

Your Long Term Success

Auditing your SEO process is a highly useful process that can have a major impact on the long-term success of your company’s online effectiveness. To enquire about an initial consultation and ‘lite’ SEO audit, or to request a full technical SEO audit, get in touch with us today so we can get to work refining your current SEO capabilities and future success.

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