Project Management & Reporting


When it comes to the Project Management and Reporting aspects of our SEO services, we’re committed to being as thorough and as transparent as possible. Maintaining clear lines of communication with our clients and showing in measurable terms what we’ve actually achieved for you is a key part of the service we provide.

You won’t get this from everyone, but we believe it’s the least we can do to give you the respect of actually letting you see a detailed monthly breakdown of your SEO performance.

What You Get With Project Management

In terms of the Project Management aspects, we’ll focus on the following key areas:

Direct Access to the Project Manager

We won’t pass your project management off to a junior staff member or someone who doesn’t understand the details of your company and its SEO. You’ll receive direct communication from team who are able to implement the exact changes you want. We also won’t charge you additional fees for any meetings.
Task-Monitoring via Basecamp
We have a highly organised task-tracking system in place, giving each of our clients personalised access where they can login and see a fully transparent list of all the SEO tasks we’re completing for you and where they’re up to.
Monthly Reporting
One of the major strengths of our SEO project management is the monthly reports you’ll received, an in-depth and industry-leading level of overview that will detail the performance of every area of your SEO.

Monthly Reports

The monthly report itself focuses on some of the following key areas:

Overall Spend
You’ll receive a full and detailed breakdown each month of exactly where your money is being spent, so that you can have a fully visible trail of how your budget is being invested. This will help you determine whether you’re spending the right amount and whether it’s in the right area of our SEO services.
Here you’ll see a breakdown of all the key numbers related to your website traffic, so you can chart whether it’s at the desired level, and whether it’s improving over time.
Conversion Rate
We’ll also provide a detailed review on the all-important conversion rates, so that you can identify when we’re helping to turn initial engagement into something even more productive, whether a sign-up, an enquiry or a purchase.
Time-Specific Comparisons
All of the key areas of your monthly breakdown will include month-on-month and year-on-year comparisons, allowing you to see how a number of key metrics are performing over time, whether traffic generated, your cost-per-click for advertising, the bounce-rate away from your site and a host of other key details.

Results Orientated

It’s no good us talking about building our long-term relationships based on results and then not being fully transparent about those results. We pride ourselves on backing up our claims with results, so we look forward to doing so with you. Get in touch for more details.

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