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With all of our technical SEO processes, there’s a big element of each task working in tandem to secure improved SEO performance, and this is certainly the case with on-page SEO, which involves ensuring every page of your website is setup to perform at the optimal level.

Our on-page SEO services focus on all of the factors that determine a web page’s rankings in search engines; optimal placement of keyword/s in the content, your HTML coding, the meta tags and image tags. Optimising all of these factors can be done, with on-page SEO carrying around 30-35% of your overall ranking process, so implementing good on-page SEO can revolutionise rankings and traffic.


Optimising On-Page

From our work with a wide range of clients, we’ve noticed that while a lot of web agencies can build fancy new websites that look the part, they’re sadly quite poor at implementing thorough on-page SEO practices, which really misses the point. We take the technical side of things very seriously, believing it’s vital to allow an expert SEO agency to at least review your on-page setup.

In our industry, we’ve heard no end of stories about a shiny new expensive website going live, and its engagement rates falling flat, and we know it’ll be in large part because they went live without a properly optimised site with strong on-page SEO presence.

We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen with you, as we’ll provide expert insight into these key areas:

  • Keyword Strategy: Our research team will put extensive work into identifying exactly which keywords terms should be targeted, considering factors such as search volume, competition, cost-per-click, locational SEO possibilities, long-form and short-form keywords, all culminating in a detailed strategy.
  • Technical SEO Audit: We’ll carry out a full technical SEO audit of your current site, determining its strengths, weaknesses and immediate needs, focusing on tasks such as utilising Google Search Console, carrying out a detailed site crawl, reviewing your indexing and monitoring site speed.
  • Content Review: We’ll go through and review all existing content pages in light of your current SEO rankings, as well as producing a plan for a range of new content based around our marketing knowledge, industry analysis and keyword research.
  • SEO Audit Document: This will all be summed up in a detailed 40-page SEO audit document which has the potential to be worth many thousands of pounds to your business based on the impact it can have. We’ve seen many SME clients go on to thrive because of implementing proper SEO practices.


Delivering Your On-Page SEO

As we plan and implement all of these services, we’ll consider both the back-end and the front-end of your website. We can work with most website CMS, with a team of developers skilled in multiple coding disciplines. We’ll confirm the best methods for your existing or new website setup before we go ahead with your on-page SEO. We have a wealth of experience of on-page SEO, with some clients seeing increased traffic of over 40% with some clients website. Contact us and ask for an audit today.

Tell us about your project

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We have a no nonsense approach for results, we don’t tie you into long term contracts, our results serves as our long term partnership.


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Big agencies hate us because we care, we are experienced enough to generate results, whilst being small enough to care.


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We think like a client and our honesty is our the favourite thing our clients like about our personality, we act as a Partner not just a supplier.

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Access to Experience & Expertise

You will have direct access to communicate with the experts who have the experience and who actually do your digital marketing.



Digital Marketing is ever changing and so are all the channels within it, we operate flexible ways to work, so our resource and time is focused on what gets you the best results.


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Our business was founded by 4 Owner Managers who live and breath digital marketing, we can make decisions fast and


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