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Website Tracking & Data is the life blood of any campaign. The ability to analyse data and adapt, is essential for success.


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Tweak, Rinse and Repeat. It’s unrealistic to think every campaign will work from day one. That's why we test different aspects of Marketing and Web, to achieve the best campaign recipes that achieve the best possible ROI for your business.

WHAT IS WEbsite tracking?

The ability to track and analyse data on your website is key to any successful website or digital marketing campaign. There are various metrics which enable the owner or agency to establish whether the website tracking is A. working as desired and B. The traffic that is being driven to the website is both relevant and of a certain quality. With platforms such as Google Analytics it would be very difficult to have a clear picture of this level of information with the correct website tracking setup enabling you to understand the users engagement and activities on your website.
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Website tracking

One of the most common methods of website tracking implementation is Google Analytics. This is an all-in-one platform developed by Google, which reports lots of metrics about the user, who they are and what interests they have, demographics details as well as how they have arrived at your website and what they did when they got there. There are other platforms out there, but this is one of the most common. There is also an updated version called Google Analytics 4 which offers more robust website tracking and is currently being rolled out by agencies to their clients, which offers much more granular tracking capabilities. For more information please visit
Marketing campaign tracking

One of the other methods of website tracking in the remit of digital marketing is via the Ads platform in question. Whether this be Google Ads, Linkedin Ads or Facebook Ads for instance, they all follow the same method as per the installation of a pixel (snippet of code) on the users website, which sends information about the users back to the system. This allows the systems to track user behaviour and interactions as well as conversions (actions which provide an outcome). This allows the algorithms used in the Ads platforms to target further potential users/customers more accurately based on the data and patterns associated with how the user interacts with your website.

Other types of tracking

There are of course many other things that can be tracked such email marketing, digital brochures as well as offline collateral. These can all be tracked using different methods whether inherent to the platform in question or via using dynamic codes.
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Website tracking

Without the ability to track both your users and marketing campaigns, you have no viable data by which to measure success and optimise. This is why it is so important to ensure all your website tracking is setup correctly, including conversion goals and actions.
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There are many different platforms which allow for accurate website tracking capabilities, the most common of which is Google analytics. This is an all round measurement platform and is as versatile as it is robust and provides extensive reporting functionality. Some of the other pieces of software that allow for robust tracking are Kiss metrics, Piwik pro, Lead feeder, Foxmetrics to name abut a few.


We are more than just another supplier. We care about your success, and will ensure any website tracking is setup correctly and allows for full data analysis. This includes user behaviour, page tracking, goals and event tracking as well as providing full website traffic information.

This will allow you to make educated and informed decisions about any next steps for your online presence.

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