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How Does Your Service Work?

Beautiful UX Design As Standard

Introducing our UX Design Package – specifically curated to engage your audience and improve conversions. This package amalgamates high-impact UX design practices with an unswerving focus on maximising conversion rates.

Research and Understanding:
1. User Persona Creation: We develop comprehensive user personas based on extensive market research and data analysis to accurately represent your target audience.
2. Conversion Path Analysis: We Identify user journeys that lead to conversions and pinpoint any areas causing friction or user drop-off.

Design and Prototyping:
3. Wireframing and Prototyping: We ensure designs are clear, focused, and user-friendly, with website layouts that streamline the user journey towards conversion.
4. Copywriting Support: Messaging is extremely important so we work with you to create persuasive and clear content that drives users towards conversion.
5. Design Iterations: We provide up to 3 - 5 design revisions based on feedback and findings to create a fully-optimized, high-converting website.  

Our UX Design Package aims to combine effective user experience design with a data-driven approach to maximize conversions. It's not just about creating an aesthetically pleasing website, but about designing a platform that resonates with your audience and drives them towards desired actions. With this package, your business can expect a strategic, user-centric, and conversion-focused approach to UX design.

Why Choose We Are Web For Your Website?

Personalised Digital Strategy
Each business is unique, and so should be its digital strategy designed by a seasoned web design agency. We partner with you to craft bespoke strategies, tailored to align with your specific business goals and market trends.

Advanced Data Analytics & AI Technology
We utilise cutting-edge technology and data analytics to optimise your digital presence, enabling you to make informed decisions and capitalise on market opportunities.

Holistic Approach
We take a 360-degree view of your digital infrastructure to identify areas of enhancement. This approach ensures maximum efficiency and a seamless digital experience.

Highly Experienced Team
Our team of seasoned digital experts bring their diverse experience to the table, delivering the best digital solutions for your business.

Unparalleled Customer Experience
We focus on enhancing your customer interactions and experience. A superior digital experience translates into customer loyalty, increased reach, and higher conversion rates.

Competitive Advantage
With our service, you gain a significant competitive edge in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Make data-driven decisions, boost your online presence, and ensure your business thrives in the digital era.
Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your business in the digital world. We are committed to driving your digital transformation journey, delivering the outcomes you need for success in today's fast-paced business environment.
The process

Our simple three step Web Design process

Scoping Session | Understanding & Preparation

By completing thorough analysis of your customers, we can start to understand key aspects of how they like to consume information and what they find as sticking points in the sales process.

Test Design & Execution

We work with you to define key messaging and create beautiful designs, that we believe will engage your users and help them to convert. We can test these design for user based feedback before deciding on what we wish to implemement.

Analysis & Implementation

Once your 100% happy with the design we transform it into a fully functional website or Landing page. From here we test how users interact and then refine the journey making the end to end process as easy for the user as possible.

R.O.I. is what we do!

Dedicated To Helping You Improve Your Websites Performance.

“With over 30 years collective experience across various industries, We Are Webs team of experts, are uniquely positioned to help your business grow”

Jamie Carter
Managing Director
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UX Web Design Features

You possess a unique product and a clear vision, but have you optimised your User Experience (UX) Design to distinguish yourself in the dynamic digital marketplace?

Understanding The User

The first step in UX design is to gain a deep understanding of your users' behaviours, needs, and motivations. This can be achieved using observation techniques, task analysis, and a variety of feedback methods.

Accessible, User Focused Design

UX design emphasises inclusive practices that enable everyone to enjoy your website. From browsing to purchasing, every interaction should be natural and satisfying for the user, removing any roadblocks and unnecessary thinking.

Consistent And Simple

Simplifying your product's complexities into an interface that is comprehensible and pleasurable to engage with is essential to engage your audiences. Keeping Colour schemes, fonts, calls to action consistent allows the user to become familiarised with your content.

Feedback & Improvement

UX design isn't a one-off process. It requires regular feedback and user testing to facilitate constant refinement and adaptation to meet user needs. The objective is to consistently offer the best possible experience to users.

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Rated 5/5 - from over 40 reviews
"Exceptional service, innovative designs. Our website has never been better. Highly recommend!"
- Leon Savage
Managing Director
"We Are Web transformed our web presence and boosted our online engagement. Remarkable results"
- Tera Gladstone.
Managing Director
"Innovative, professional, results-driven - We Are Web sets the bar high in web services"
- Sue Niven
Sales Supervisor

Conversion Experts For Over 7 Years

We Are Conversion Experts And Want To Help You!

We appreciate, that CRO can sometimes be expensive which is why we offer a range of services that allow your business to benefit from our expertise.

We have been designed websites for a long time and our web design agency offers a range of website options as well as full end to end Conversion Rate Optimisation programmes, as well as Website audits you can implement yourself and more. Review below some of our services that can help you gain better return on investment from your website.

Let The Data Make The Decisions

With CRO Your Website Is Guaranteed To Get Better

We design a comprehensive programme focusing on the audience, user behaviours and optimisation so iteratively improve your website and grow you users, sales, leads and engagement. Use Our Calculator to see how much of a difference we could make.

High Quality UX Web Design Service

Take Your Brand To The Next Level

Our UX design packages can be design only or we can build the assets for you. Much like our CRO package we focus on the audience and complete comprehensive research, which we incorporate into our designs and website builds.

UX Design Service
Reviewing And Recommending

A Comprehensive Review Of Your Website and Data

Our Website Conversion Audit will provide actionable insights based on your websites data. We take a deep dive into the granular data to find where the weaknesses are in your website and how you can improve them.

Website Audit
A Strategy To Grow Your Traffic

We look At All Channels

For a fixed fee per month we design a strategy to grow your traffic. This may be across multiple channels, with the focus on traffic growth and quality, designed to increase your sales or leads as the output.

Traffic Growth
Pages Designed To Convert

UX Design Web Pages

For bespoke campaigns or one off projects ,we can apply our UX design and methods and implement landing pages using our audience discovery methodology. This provides you with highly targeted pages, that will enagge and convert your website traffic.

Landing Page Optimisation
Data Is The Way Forwards

We HelpYou Setup & Monitor Your Websites Performance.

We can setup all the necessary tools and utilities to help you monitor your website performance and how people engage with your content.

GA4 Audit