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Displaying your brand in the best possible light. Your brochure website will become your best salesman.


What Makes Us Different?

We grow as you grow, so it’s in our interest for you to be successful, and we only work with partners we fully believe we can offer true value too.

WHAT IS a brochure website?

Before the Internet, the best way to show your business’ offer to any potential customers was by using a printed brochure. Sometimes this was then followed up by a Salesman, with their business card and other printed collateral. Thankfully, these days are behind us. The of a brochure website is developed to fulfill the same purpose of promoting a business while being much more effective at reaching a wider audience.
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The Ecommerce website might be a more complex site, with more business integrations to consider. The brochure website, however, is normally quicker and easier to build, and is therefore ideal for small businesses with limited budgets.

A brochure website must explain a company’s services, team, and contact information at the very least. However, more information like a company’s history and values, greatly increases your audience’s chances of understanding your business.  
The homepage of a brochure website is where your audience first experiences your brand, and will typically feature a hero image and your companies primary offer. How someone interacts with your company can be the difference between winning a customer or losing a lead to a competitor. Now, people can make a choice about your company long before they might meet you in person. And as we all know, first impressions matter.
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WHO are brochure websites

Brochure websites are important for several reasons. Just having an engaging site online can help attract customers you never knew were out there. Being visible in search results is the first step in generating results for your business.
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Creating the right branding, copy, and visual language, your brochure website can quickly raise your profile above that of your competitors. And what’s more with the right messaging and SEO you can focus all your energy and investment at your target audience rather than just sticking a flag in the ground and hoping for the best.

Simple, and affordable brochure websites allow you to increase sales while improving the user experience for your customers. Before making any purchase on or offline, consumers typically search for inspiration online.  A visit to your website is just the first step on your customer journey. 

By helping your future customers understand how your company can help them and wether or not you are a good fit for their own values you can make enquiries quickly turn into leads.Unlike ecommerce sites, brochure websites typically consist of only a handful key pages. The content in these pages is the crucial in helping potential customers know more about you. What are your selling points? Where are you located? How long have your been in business? When are you open? 

By giving this information in a clear and concise way, along with the attributes of your brand, you can quickly get customers to their decision point.

What Makes Us Different?

Technically adept. Our Team have worked with many different types of software, CRM's, Content Management Systems, Reporting and Tracking. All this wealth of knowledge is available at your finger tips.
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If you are not selling online and don't need a full scale e-commerce platform, then a brochure site will probably be the online solution that you're looking for. 

Whether you are a start-up or an existing offline business,  the brochure site will quickly give you the online presence that your business needs to grow.The initial outlay for a a typical 5 to 10 page site is not a massive investment financially, but for your business and it's growth, it is probably going to be priceless.

Once you have taken time to to work out what what are the most important pieces of information your customers need from you and how you can best reflect your brand you can quickly get yourself online.

HOW DO brochure websites

If you are considering web design for an brochure website project or looking to improve your existing website, then feel free to contact us to arrange a discovery meeting to discuss how we can help and support you.
The first step is to arrange an ECommerce discovery call. We will need to capture as much information as possible from this meeting to allow us to work out how much work will be involved. As mentioned these projects can become complex very quickly so the more information we have the more accurate quotes we can give.
Once we have enough information, we can then put together a proposal and project plan, which outlines the project in full.
The website design & build itself can take anywhere from 12 weeks upwards depending on work involved, so it's worth factoring this into any plans you make from a business aspect.

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