Responsive Websites

Over the past 10 years the usage of Smart Phones has grown so designing and building fully responsive websites is a necessity.

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WHAT are Responsive Websites?

Back in the day, the way to achieve a fully responsive website was to have an individual  dedicated mobile website which would sit on a sub-domain of your existing desktop version of your website.
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With the advancement of technology this has changed and morphed into a better method  using responsive breakpoints to change a website's responsive layout and how it renders based on the device type, browser and inherent screen resolution. 

This method allows Website designers and developers to to think ahead when producing responsive websites and  design for a range of  devices such as Tablets and Mobile phones. So when the website build is complete you can be confident no matter which device or browser the website is viewed through the end user will have the best experience possible.

WHO are Responsive Websites for?

There are a few reasons why having a responsive website is important, we have listed some of the main points below:
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  • Content Management
    It is far easier to manage content on one website instance than over multiple website versions. A Fully responsive website means you can edit the content in the content management system once and it will update across all versions of the website.
  • Inherited optimisations
    Within a website its best practise to optimise aspects such as page load speed, coding, images and architecture. On a fully responsive website again this only needs to be done once for the whole website to benefit from the optimisations regardless of which device.
  • Faster development time
    By using one website instance, this speeds up the development process as you are only writing one code base and not building a separate mobile website.
  • Better Indexation
    Google's algorithm has become increasingly complex as it is  smart and recognises mobile websites over desktop. This means that a fully responsive website will be in better regard and drive more mobile traffic as Google prefers to list mobile versions of a website on the mobile version of the search engine. With this in mind having a fully responsive website will allow Google to index the website properly in the correct format.
  • Lower bounce rates
    By implementing a responsive website, you can tailor how it renders for the user device. This means you can reposition and organise content and calls to action to provide the best experience for the user, helping to improve engagement and conversion rates (the rate at which a user converts into an enquirer)
  • Easier Analytics Reporting And Analysis
    It's much easier to aggregate data based on one platform rather than attempting to combine multiple streams of data into one view. A responsive website will just use one piece of analytics tracking code which is much cleaner and provides data that can be filtered and distilled within an Analytics platform such as Google Analytics as Google can differentiate device type.
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Arguably the responsiveness of a website should be on EVERY website.

With the increase of mobile usage it's highly likely that a user will visit your website or research your business via a mobile device. This means if you are not supporting a responsive website, the user will have a reduced experience and will most likely exit your website to find a better website, meaning you miss potential clients or readership.

With technology advancing at a phenomenal rate and devices such as higher resolution phone screens, smart devices, Virtual reality and the development of meta verse’s, it's highly likely that the fluidity of a responsive website will become even more important. The ability for a website to dynamically adapt to a screen layout regardless of whether the website is presented will be the driving force of the internet and websites that fail to provide this will eventually be phased out.


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What Makes Us Different?

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