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To use an analogy, to not get the right web support and hosting would be a little bit like buying a brand new sports car and then fitting sub-standard tires which then hinders performance. Web hosting is very similar as in that you need the technology infrastructure in place that will enable your website to be delivered to the end-user regardless of the device type, in the best possible way both in speed and security. We have teamed up with Pantheon to be able to offer exactly this, offering our clients fantastic robust, scalable hosting at a great price.

What Does Web Support Involve?

The initial step with our web support would be to do a detailed review of your website and audit its strengths and weaknesses, as well as assessing exactly how it is structured and functioning.Of course, if we’ve been involved with building your site, we’ll already know all of this in detail, but even if we’ve had nothing to do with your website to this point, we can still provide insightful development support, quickly familiarising ourselves with your site and giving detailed analysis on its performance.

What Does Website Hosting Involve?

You may well be aware that every website needs to be hosted somewhere in order for it to be up-and-running. We Are Web are Pantheon Partners and use their robust platform to host all your websites. This means we can provide extremely high quality hosting at an excellent price, with our server infrastructure maintained by the experts at Pantheon. Web hosting and site speed is a key part of your SEO and will help with site rankings across Google.

What Is Our Web Support Process

As WordPress is the primary CMS we develop on, we only provide support packages for this platform. Once we analyse your site we’ll be able to give you a report on the sort of support we can offer on an ongoing basis.

Once we agree on the type of support you’ll benefit most from, we can work out the number of monthly hours that are required, giving you a detailed breakdown of what proportion of these hours (on average) are being allocated to each area of supporting the site.We support both back end and front development and maintenance, so can tailor a package to suit your exact web support and hosting needs for current and future growth.
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Why Is Good Website Hosting Important?

‍As we mentioned just above, for a site to be accessible online, it must be hosted somewhere, but it’s not just a case of getting it hosted anywhere and just trusting that it all goes to plan. Whatever your business, finding the right hosting is important for a number of factors, including:– site security; from logins to payment processing
  • Site speed; both as a whole and individual pages
  • Avoiding the sort of problems that can cause a site to go offline, or at least dealing with that issue and getting the site back online as soon as possible.
  • SEO benefits, including site speed and optimised server infrastructure.
All of these factors are vital for a company doing business online, not just in maintaining the trust of your customer base that you provide a secure purchasing experience, but also in ensuring the site is always live and functioning at a good speed whenever they need it.We work with a variety of industries and understand that a site being down for even a short time can cost a business thousands of pounds in lost custom, something we have heard of from some of our clients when they relied on unreliable hosting before coming to us.
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