The basics of building a good SEO strategy

The basics of building a good SEO strategy

Jamie Carter
Managing Director

The aim of any good SEO strategy should be to find solutions that will help you to generate quality leads, helping to increase revenue for your business. This is largely achieved through making sure both your on-page and off-page SEO is optimised to have you ranking well for as many of your target keywords as possible.

There are several key points that define the way we build our SEO strategies, each of which can be moulded to your specific needs. We can employ our expertise to build you a fully-rounded SEO plan that can increase both the quantity and quality of your leads and the organic website traffic you attract.

In this blog, we thought we'd take you through a few of the key parts of our SEO strategy process.

Our SEO strategy framework

Here at We Are Web, our SEO strategy will usually look something like:

  • Identifying Your Target Audience: We begin by putting in a depth of research and analysis that will allow us to develop a clear understanding on who your audience are and how we should be reaching them. Through an audit of your current SEO performance and extensive keyword research, we’ll help identify how to connect with key demographics. High-quality audience targeting is more precise than simply handing you a list of popular search terms and your current rankings. We can help build a profile of your ideal website user; the kind of visitor who is most likely to order your goods, enlist your services or make further contact. 
  • Informed Keyword Research: Equipped with our insight into key audience personas, we’ll carry out focused keyword research to allow us to identify which keywords to target based on the attributes of your target audience and the current level of competition within your industry. The more relevant your keywords are to your likely audience, the more chance there is that your organic traffic will generate high quality leads, users who offer a greater chance of becoming clients or consumers. Our keyword research will set you up to do this. 
  • Keyword Selection & Page Mapping: Once we’ve built a list of the most viable target keywords for your audience, we’ll refine it by analysing which of them offer the highest potential returns for your available budget. Whether you’re targeting 5 keywords or 500, you’ll want to do so as effectively as possible. We’ll build a list of primary keywords; those with the highest traffic-generating and lead-converting potential, and we’ll ensure that they have unique pages of content within your website. We want to guarantee that your newly targeted audience has the best page to land upon when they click through from a search engine or ad placement. This is where our on-site review comes in. 
  • On-site Strategy Review: Your website needs to be fully SEO-ready and fine-tuned to ensure that your on-site and off-site activities have the maximum impact. We’ll begin by looking at your current on-site performance so that you’re best placed to gain wider attention. We’ll look at issues such as which of your web pages need new or reworked content to more effectively target primary keywords, whether or not your title tags need to be reworked to more fully reach those target keywords, and what the internal linking of your site should look like to ensure optimal SEO performance. We’ll also make sure there are no broken links, duplicate content or slow page-load issues that could hinder SEO success. 
  • Off-site Strategy Review: The final step of our process is to implement an off-site SEO review and strategy to capitalise on all of the previous parts of the process. We’ll look at increasing your overall domain and individual page authority, addressing any Google penalty recoveries that may be needed, and employing effective content marketing solutions. It’s in these content marketing options that we set ourselves apart from many digital agencies, who may have some technical expertise, but cannot match our level of media experience and training. We can offer a bespoke content management package featuring everything from blog posts to PR pieces, location-based SEO pages to promotional videos. All of which will help to build relevant, engaging and natural links that help to produce a high volume and quality of organic web traffic.

How We Can Help

We hope that this blog has given you a helpful overview of the level of insight and research that goes into each SEO strategy we build for a client. A well-researched, detailed and insightful SEO strategy can help lay the groundwork for your business to achieve highly effective SEO performance.

For more information on how we can help build a personalised SEO strategy for you, please get in touch with our team today and we'll be able to get started on an analysis of your SEO needs and where you can achieve both quick wins and long-term growth.

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