The value of Persona Analysis as part of a marketing plan

The value of Persona Analysis as part of a marketing plan

Jamie Carter
Managing Director
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Putting together a winning content marketing plan requires in-depth knowledge of your potential clients. By conducting a thorough Persona Analysis, we’re able to establish exactly who your buyers are; their needs, motives and purchasing patterns.

The in-depth findings that can be produced by Persona Analysis make it a really worthwhile process. We’ll be able to use our research tools to identify the types of content that your audience are most likely to engage with, allowing you to put the best type of content in front of them at - crucially - exactly the right time.

In this blog, we thought we'd lift the lid on a few of the key elements of Persona Analysis and see whether it could be a useful tool for your company and its new or existing digital marketing endeavours.

The strengths of our Persona Analysis

The way we do our Persona Analysis sets a blueprint for your most effective marketing strategies. We do this by:

  • Conducting analysis that will allow you to build on your existing knowledge of various customer bases to find out your buyers’ most relevant issues and the challenges they are currently facing. Staying in the know about your target audience will allow you to actively listen to your customers’ needs and adjust your brand accordingly, in order to reach your buyers and appeal to relevant issues in the most effective way.
  • Working with you to form unique selling points that differentiate your brand from your competitors, helping you to stand out in a crowded online marketplace. How we do this may look slightly different depending on the nature of your industry, but it has never been more important at a time of almost unlimited options.
  • Ensuring the our Persona Analysis is a meticulous process will allow us to find out a wide variety of factors that influence consumers, factors such as their gender, their age, their location, their income and a range of their interests.
  • Identifying outside influencing factors, such as the time of year, which can also be highly relevant to the way in which you go about promoting your services, by providing insight into the buying habits of your target market.

Evolving Personas

It’s important to stay in the know about your customer base, as whatever your field, it is likely that you will have multiple key buyer personas whose interests are regularly evolving. In simple terms, this means that if you don't stay up to date on Persona Analysis, you may be trying to attract a target audience based on what they were like five years ago, not today.

Thankfully, we have a range of tools and a wealth of expertise that allow us to create highly relevant content that is designed to appeal to your consumers. We will also guide on promoting it through the most suitable marketing channels in order to give you the best possible chance of generating increased web leads.

By making your strategy more efficient and engaging your audience with a regular stream of the most effective content, we’ll be able to help you to target your sales efforts, build customer loyalty and maintain business success in the long run.

Our Experience

We’ve worked with numerous clients, across industries including legal, financial and renewable energy, in order to help them develop their brands and engage effectively with their target audience/s through Persona Analysis.

If you’d like to chat with our team and learn more about how we could do the same for your business, you're welcome to get in touch with us today and we’ll answer any queries that you may have. We're available by phone or via the short enquiry form here on our site.

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