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The value of research in Web Design and Digital Marketing

Jamie Carter

A fully effective website should be purpose-built to appeal to potential customers through both the website design and its content. Even more so in these times of Pandemic! (McKinsey)

We’ve worked with an array of businesses to successfully optimise their website and content marketing processes by undertaking specialist research into the activity on their site. With this in mind, we thought we'd put a short blog together to let you into our research process a little.

The research we carry out allows us to structure websites that powerfully engage your audience in relevant ways, ultimately leading to business success in the long run for our clients. We can support you in improving the user experience of your site and generate an increase in the type of quality leads you want. 

The value of research in Web Design

We’ll work with you to develop a website that attracts both new and existing customers to your services again and again, with some key areas of focus:

  • We’ll use a tracking tool on your existing site to measure the details of every customer interaction that takes place and as well as its outcome. This will allow us to get to grips with the pages that are most appealing to site visitors, as well as the pages that are less helpful.
  • By measuring how each customer uses your site and the amount of time spent on each page, we’ll provide insight into how your online presence can be made more appealing. We’ll develop a design for your website that’s easy to use and sets out the most relevant information for your customers, engaging them in the right way.
  • As Google Analytics specialists, we’ve worked with clients to measure their website traffic over sustained periods of time in order to understand how their site design, content and additional features (such as video) could be made to work better and generate results.

The value of research in Digital Marketing

We’ll work with you to develop a website that attracts both new and existing customers to your services again and again, with some key areas of focus:

  • We help to promote our clients' services through engaging apps and social media, allowing them to interact with their customer base in the way that suits them most. Our SEO experts are skilled in boosting our clients' search engine rankings across various keywords, boosting website traffic over a period of time and using their research to inform future strategy.
  • Measuring the way in which users interact with your services online is the best way to build up your customer base and compel potential consumers to become loyal clients. We’ll find out every detail of your customers’ journey and devise a personalised digital marketing plan for your business that fully engages your audience.
  • All of the digital assets we create for you will be done so off the back of our research, ensuring that it is built to attract your audience and offer you lasting value. We can work collaboratively with your team to combine insight and create content together, or we can handle the content creation process entirely ourselves.

Exceeding your industry rivals

You’ll get to make use of our multi-channel marketing options to come up with a site that is suited to your specific target audience and surpasses the efforts of your competitors.

If you’d like to hear more about our research methods, or want to discuss any other aspect of our Web Design process, our team are always happy to have a more in-depth conversation with you, so get in touch today.

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