What could Video Advertising offer your business?

What could Video Advertising offer your business?

Jamie Carter
Managing Director

Video advertising is now one of the major digital marketing trends, averaging around 3x more click-through than any other digital ad format. With the right creative strategy, video advertising can be a great tool for attracting more attention to your website.

By engaging audiences through moving pictures and sound, many brands have been able to reach larger audiences year on year, resonating with viewers in a much more effective way than more traditional ad forms have been able to.

Video Marketing Options

We’re delighted to offer our clients a host of video marketing options spanning across a wide variety of platforms and channels, including mobile, display and social. We’ll meet with you to plan the exact details of your video, taking time to understand your vision as a brand and your marketing goals, then our process will involve:

  • Conception:
    Using the most creative assets within our in-house team, we’ll work with you to develop a strong concept for your video advertisement. We’ll form ideas for the creation of your advertisement through writing, researching, drafting storyboards and art directing, consulting with you to develop the perfect layout and tone of voice for your brand. The most effective video advertisements will not only tell the story of your brand but also offer real solutions to your customers’ needs. Once the concept of your video has been defined and perfected, the next step is to choose the right format. We’ll recommend the best mode of presentation to capture your message and reach your audience in the most visually impactful way. Whether it’s an animated instructional video, a fast-paced promotional video, or a series of testimonials or case studies for your site, we’ll use style and creative flair to captivate your audience.
  • Creation:
    From creating a concept to the finished product, we’re involved with every step of your video. With an in-house photographer, we’re able to shoot imagery in full HD and record narrative voiceovers with professional post-production editing. We’ll put a lot of thought into designing and scripting each scene and we’re able to provide unique features such as time-lapse and infographics to give your videos a real edge.
  • Placement:
    A key factor in the success of your video advertisement is its placement. With access to the most relevant channels, we’ll strategically place your video in the places where it’s most likely to be found by your target audience. Apt placement will increase awareness of your brand on a wider platform and attract more customers to your website. With in-depth research into your specific industry, we’ll also find out the best forums and blogs to attain the highest click rate for your video advertisement, while also uploading straight to your site.
  • Promotion:
    As digital marketing specialists, we’ll put a vigorous content marketing strategy in place to promote your videos in the most effective way. We’re able to skillfully use social media to gain as much awareness and attention as possible for your brand. We’ll optimise your video for a search engine by providing interesting descriptions and titles while tagging it with the most relevant keywords.

Reporting Your Results

We’ll make it a priority to report back to you and provide analytics so that you’re able to see the results being generated by your videos. If you’d like to hear some more about collaborating with us to promote your brand through the growing medium of video advertisement then get in touch with our team today.

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Jamie Carter
Managing Director
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