Why is content so important on your website?

Why is content so important on your website?

Jamie Carter
Managing Director
Conversion Rate Optimisation

You'll agree that good, entertaining content is engaging, but did you know it sets a website apart from the enormous number of others? 

Choices of text, images and video or audio you intend to use on your site, will place your website at a vantage point in the highly competitive market. That is one point that shows how important content is for any website.

With well researched, strategic, high-quality content, any business can grow and flourish.

To further understand, let’s look at some of the advantages of generating content:

Improved user experience (UX)

Let's start here since every person owning a website needs users to visit their site, be engaged and convert. Using quality content including text, images, video and great design, will attract users and keep them entertained and or engaged. This is because the experience they get from the content you use is ideal. Improved user experience brings success to any site.

Lead generating

The right content will gain you more leads from potential consumers for both products and services. Quality content won't just keep a consumer engaged but it increases the chances of them taking any of the desired actions you require, on your site.

Increased qualified leads

Leads aren't as good as qualified leads. Good content increases lead generation but most importantly, increases the number of qualified leads. This is a step closer to getting you the sales you need for your business.

Enhancing search rankings

Consider SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This is a strategy that is used to improve the content on your site, in order to help it rank high(er) on Search Engines Results Page (SERPs). 

It is easy to understand why content is important for any website if you think about SERPs. With quality content, your site can be found more easily and more often, by the target audience. This means your site will rank high(er) on search engines which will in turn, increase traffic to your site. You're more likely to succeed with high search engine rankings and increased traffic.

Fostering loyalty

Web users tend to return to a site, where they had a good experience. If you keep site visitors engaged and wanting more, they'll look forward to content updates on your website. You can use this to target potential consumers and actually be able to convert, getting your business the success it needs.

Increased referrals

Do you remember seeing something so good, you wanted to share with your friends or family? 

That is exactly how influencing quality content is. Visitors to your site won't help sharing your content if it is really good. These are referrals that you need. They will increase the visitors you already have and possibly customers.

It is highly likely for visitors to take the desired action on your website such as subscribing or ordering a commodity, if they come across valuable content.

The points above show how important content is for any website. Feel free to contact us today, to learn how you can improve the content on your website. Our savvy, experienced specialists have tactics you can use to see your business do considerably better than it does currently.

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