The previous Medicash website had become stale and cluttered with disorganised content, making it hard for even the most dedicated  visitors to find clear routes to their goals. Medicash needed help improving their structure and navigation, and delivering  a brand refresh.

And we were happy to help.

This web design project was underpinned by a combination of content strategy and intense analysis of the users journeys. Once the core audiences for the site were identified we started mapping out how they achieved their desired goals. With this framework established we set about bringing it to life with a helping of modern design.




Web Design & Development

Liverpool, UK
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Our Approach

Style & User Experience

Fortunately Medicash already had a great palette and brand guidelines to work with. This allowed us to quickly bring the essential elements of the site to life. Using relevant photography, and crisp accent colours we established striking Calls to Action on the pages where we knew they would resonate with the users.

All together, this made the site a much more rewarding and pleasant experience.

Development & Delivery

Medicash needed a robust platform to serve the high  daily traffic to their site. Building the site out on WordPress gave us leverage to not only give great user features but also allowed us to serve the pages with the speed and efficiency that Google demands today. SEO and visibility are important in any of our web development, but for Medicash it was crucial.

Another website delivered above quality, on time and within the budget.

Now that is a way to create team happiness!


Information architecture for easy content discovery by several unique audiences

Align visual elements and storytelling with refreshed branding

Improve organic SEO search results and boost overall conversion

Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS

The Results

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