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Planning & Prototyping

Some times as an Agency you get lucky and a wonderful new client reaches out to you. MB Travel was just that. They needed a new website that reflected the luxury holiday experiences that they offer.

This isn’t just a brochure site, it is a MB Travel luxury brochure site (apologies M&S, but we could resist stealing your tagline on this occasion!)

When planning the site we analysed their potential customers, and what their needs were. We built a site structure that was all about ease, and displaying their unique offer in its best light.

Style & User Experience

From a design point of view, we need to capture the luxurious nature of these bespoke holidays - imagery was key. We also needed a palette and typography that builds on the sense of confidence and professionalism that our client has when delivering these experiences

Development & Delivery

If the front end of the site is about luxury, the backend is all about simplicity. Built on the light, but rapid Webflow platform, we quickly constructed the landing pages and their interactions. Not only is Webflow a joy to develop on, but it offers our clients an intuitive editor where they can update copy ‘on page’ so they can get a sense of how their words will look when live.

The Results
3 month project
Increased Engagement Rate
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