Top 5 Digital Marketing Myths

Top 5 Digital Marketing Myths

Jamie Carter
Managing Director

Top 5 Digital Marketing Myths

The digital marketing industry has brought us so many great things, including new ways to reach audiences and track ROI, websites that allow customers to review products, and innovative search engines that help us find the best products. But it’s also littered with digital marketing myths that just aren’t true at all and could even be costing you money! Here are 5 digital marketing myths that you need to stop believing right now!

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#1: Having A Website Is Enough To Get Customers

Having a website is just one way for your customers to find you. In order to increase brand awareness and convert traffic into leads, businesses must have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes paid marketing, SEO, social media, content marketing and online advertising.

#2: You Need To Constantly Update Your Branding

Once you’ve established your brand, you want to do everything in your power to maintain it. That doesn’t mean creating a new logo every year or revamping your website design every six months—which can actually damage brand loyalty if you update too frequently—but don’t feel like you have to make major changes all at once. The more consistent your brand appears, visually and across channels, the more trust consumers will associate with it.

#3: You Don’t Need To Measure Your Campaigns

When you're making a cup of coffee in your kitchen, you check to see if your water is boiling before putting it in your mug. If you added too much, it would spill everywhere and be a waste of good coffee.

The same thing happens with digital marketing — you need to measure each campaign so that you can optimise and capitalise on that data. It’s not enough to just get more visitors. You want visitors who are engaged, ready to buy and truly interested in what you have for sale. Measuring campaigns helps ensure that they actually get there!

#4: You Can Do It All Yourself

True to some extent, many small businesses can use simple tools to manage their own digital marketing. But these digital marketing basics only scratch the surface of what’s possible, compared to having a real expert on your team.

This is one myth that might seem appealing at first, but it could be a dangerous trap for growing companies without a professional who specialises in digital media strategy!

#5: Organic Search Is Dead

While it’s true that more and more people are turning to social media and pay-per-click to find products and services, most digital marketing professionals agree that organic search is not dead.

When you build a strong foundation of content and quality backlinks, you still have an opportunity to rank well in Google’s rankings. And when done right, SEO can be one of your most cost-effective channels for lead generation and customer acquisition. In other words, don’t count out organic search just yet!

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